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Shinyamashita district

Last update date March 11, 2019

Policy of the present situation and town development

Be sandwiched in between Yamashita-Futo and Honmoku-Futo that are harbor distribution base, and Shinyamashita district is district that approached residential area of Yamate of the rear and is comprised of harborside district with warehouse group and associate industry district where warehouse, disposal of goods ground and house or commerce are mixed in the neighborhood around original timber yard.
With reclaiming work of timber yard completed in 1998, update of distribution function, creation of new waterfront are expected in harborside district. In addition, in the associate industry district, introduction of new city function such as switch of use of land united with redevelopment of harborside district or commerce, duties, recreation and the formation of attractive city space are expected.

Image of Shinyamashita district area figure
Shinyamashita district area figure

Business summary

・We examine district maintenance plan and maintenance technique with hometown.
・We appoint in town planning discussion district and perform prior consultation at the time of construction plan.
→ Shinyamashita district town planning discussion guideline


November, 1986 new Nozomu Yamashita Port district redevelopment promotion meeting establishment
February, 1989 Shinyamashita associate industry district redevelopment promotion meeting establishment
September, 1995 timber yard inning construction start
The July, 1998 timber yard inning construction completion
City planning decision of district city planning best in October, 2001 in Shinyamashita
The district town planning agreement conclusion best in April, 2002 in Shinyamashita

(by progress of business, we may review plan.)

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