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The number of land transactions, the area of Yokohama-shi

Last update date October 1, 2020

We make these materials by "the computerized registration information" (data which deleted all personal information from the registration information of land transaction which had report in Legal Affairs Bureau, and were computerized) offered to each local government by MLIT.
There is just time gap because it is data based on the registration information and does not agree with real land transaction closely.
About the use of our material, we hope that you see understanding as reference in case of rough tendency grasp after notice about the above-mentioned premise enough.
As information provided from MLIT by each local government is restrictive, please note that you may not reply even if you have inquiry about contents.

The number of land transactions list

Contents of the number of land transactions list

  • The number of distinction land transactions
  • The number of distinction land transactions (general land transaction)
  • The number of distinction land transactions (we sort apartments and own)
  • Distinction land transaction area
  • The number of land transactions according to division of buyer, area
  • The number of land transactions according to area scale

Open data of the 2019 (2019 ~ 2019) land transaction number, area

Open data of the 2018 (Heisei 30) land transaction number, area

Count method

(1) About count of data

As for the land transaction which count intends for, it is "sale" and "the purchase" "buying and selling" cause by "proprietary rights move" and "proprietary rights preservation" purpose among land transactions that the registration was carried out.
Division of buyer of the number of land transactions according to division of buyer, area is as follows.

  • Individual: Individual
  • Private corporation: Company corporation, foundation, educational foundation, medical corporation, religious corporation
  • Local public entities: Local public entity, the harbor service station, local land development public corporation, local housing corporation and local road public corporation
  • Countries: Country, incorporated administrative agency Urban Renaissance Agency

(2) About count period

We handle in calendar year during count period. (not the year.)

About the use of open data

Opening data publishing in this page are offered under the creative Commons indication 4.0 international license.


The details about license, please confirm mention of the following link.

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