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How to use Yokohama land prices map

Last update date March 5, 2019

Yokohama land prices map

Yokohama land prices map is land prices map which displayed the prices of declared land value and metropolis and districts land prices investigation on GoogleMap. (we may not be displayed depending on browser.)
Using function of GoogleMap, let display land prices information on the aerial photograph, and of the map top ●(declared land value), ■(the metropolis and districts land prices investigation), ◆By clicking (common point of public announcement and the metropolis and districts land prices investigation), can display detailed land prices information of individual point.

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Web accessibility policy of Yokohama land prices map

How to use Yokohama land prices map

Address search

(1) Address: [example] 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku
(2) Station name: [example] Shin-Yokohama
(3) Name of the facility: [example] Kohoku Ward government office
(4) Tourist attraction: [example] Yamashita Park
When we input Address of land which we want to check or station, public facilities, tourist attraction nearby and click Address search button, map of destination is displayed. Search is possible, but inputs like "○ - ○" at number and hyphen after name of a street even if we do not put "○ chome" "○ address" when we want to search to lot number.
(5) Municipality choice function
When we choose the metropolis and districts name, the municipalities name of a village, town level among pull-down menu and click "search start" button, map of place that selected is displayed.

Operation of map

(1) Reduced scale
(2) Change of background map

They slide map, and expansion, reduction, basic movement displaying of aerial photograph are the same as normal Google map.

Indication contents

(1) Declared land value (the standard ground): At January 1
(2) Land prices investigation (standard place): At July 1
(3) Common point of declared land value and land prices investigation
Indication contents from the top "tsunami observation site" (tsunami observation site where two steps book kino bottom is common) "restricted zone" (coverage ratio/floor area ratio) "approximate place" "price show 1,000 yen/square meter" "regulation". (item to display by reduced scale of map to display automatically is changed.)

In "the house" in tsunami observation site, in residential area, "the quotient", in commercial areas, "ko", "we see" shows forest in designated urbanization areas to the residential land ground with possibility, "forest" the industrial ground.

Data choice

(1) The indication year change function
We can display past land prices by choosing time among pull-down menu in the upper screen right side.
(prefectural land prices investigation in declared land value, July in January.)

Indication of detailed screen

(1) To let you display detailed screen
Detailed data of land prices are displayed by the other screen when we click "●""■""◆" displayed on the map with mouse.

(2) Data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
On the detailed screen left to "page of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism when click link" with mouse, land prices details data of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism are displayed by the other screen.

(3) Neighborhood guide map
Point that clicked of map is almost displayed by the center.

Basic data and update

(1) Basic data
We make "Yokohama land prices map" using data of declared land value and the metropolis and districts land prices investigation in numerical land information downloading service provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and data provided from Kanagawa.

(2) Update time
As for the indication of update day, it is at around two months from public announcement day of declared land value, prefectural land prices investigation to become update work after obtaining data from country, Kanagawa.

Operational help

(1) When detailed screen (popup screen) is not displayed
Do not display popup window (effective popup block function); when is set, it is necessary to admit pop up.

A. From menu of InternetExplorer "tool" → "Popup block" → We choose "setting of popup block".
i. You input in "address of Web site to admit" with "", and please push "addition".
Cormorant. You confirm that "" was added to "admitted site", and please push "it is closed".

(2) About case that is not displayed with map being during reading
When map is not displayed as the reading inside by environment of used PC,
As "GoogleMap" is not displayed definitely when "Unicode(UTF-8)" is not chosen, "indication" of browser screen, please choose "Unicode(UTF-8)" among "encoding".
When "encoding" is right
(InternetExplorer) choose "the Internet is optional", and, "tool", the "whole" tab clicks "deletion" with "history of reading". We carry out file, deletion of Cookie.

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