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Summary (declared land value, prefectural land prices investigation) of land prices

Last update date April 9, 2020

"Summary (for Yokohama-shi) of land prices" gathered up information of part about Yokohama-shi including change of summary of findings, list of points, past price and regulation based on announcement material of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Kanagawa about declared land value, prefectural land prices investigation. Person who is necessary in not distributing with paper booklet downloads from this page, and please use. (as for the issuance the every year end of March and the end of September twice a year)
We can perform reading with booklet of paper in each ward office and each ward library.

2020 "summary of declared land value" (PDF: 1,239KB)
(at January 1, 2020, March 19, 2020 public announcement)

2019 "summary of prefectural land prices investigation" (PDF: 563KB)
(at July 1, 2019, September 20, 2019 public announcement)

"Summary of land prices" publication contents

  • Summary (the general condition of city, ward, main point others including the top 3 of price, regulation) of this time public announcement price
  • Average price according to distinction, use of this time public announcement price and regulation table (all uses)
  • Change table (residential area and commercial areas) of distinction average price after 1983 and regulation
  • Individual point list (the location, the present situation, price, regulation of all all uses points)
  • List of standard ground which is standard place of prefectural land prices investigation and the same point (in the case of "summary of declared land value")
  • List of standard places that is point same as the standard ground of declared land value (in the case of "summary of prefectural land prices investigation")
  • List of individual point changes (point of new change, abolition)

"Summary of land prices" back number

Yokohama land prices map

We can check information of declared land value, prefectural land prices investigation in Yokohama-shi on map.
Yokohama land prices map (the outside site)
How to use Yokohama land prices map

Administrative map reporting system

You can see property tax roadside value, restricted zone in Yokohama-shi from this.
Administrative map reporting system (the outside site)

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