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Progress of Minato Mirai 21 base maintenance

Last update date March 12, 2019

Minato Mirai 21 district aerial photography image

Business about base maintenance
Business name
(facility name)
Business summaryProgress, progress
Land division
Rearranging business

Enforcer: Incorporated administrative agency Urban Renaissance Agency (old urban infrastructure maintenance public corporation)
The enforcement area: About 101.8ha
The enforcement period: From 1983 to 2010 (including settlement period five years)
Total operating cost: About 176.6 billion yen

March, 2011 business completion

Reclaiming work

Inning creation area (the city enforcement) about 73.9ha

Civic center
About 99% of completion
New port district
March, 1998 business completion
Harbor maintenance

It is Aka Renga Park (Red Brick Warehouse Park) from Rinko Park (Seaside Park)

Targeting at part and new port districts of the land readjustment project area outside of civic centers, we maintain base facilities of road green tracts of land.

Rinko Park (Seaside Park)
March, 1989 in-service start
Kisha-Michi Promenade
July, 1997 in-service start
Cup of instant noodle museum park
April, 2001 in-service start
Aka Renga Park (Red Brick Warehouse Park)
April, 2002 in-service start

We are maintaining harborside highways sequentially and are (some service).

Street improvement project

"Minato Mirai Ohashi Bridge", "Sakuragicho grade separation" performed maintenance of "Noge chikamichi" "the north relation bridge" to plan contact reinforcement with Minato Mirai 21 district and neighboring districts.

Minato Mirai Ohashi Bridge
July, 1997 in-service start
The north relation bridge
July, 1997 in-service start
Sakuragicho grade separation
July, 1997 business completion
Noge chikamichi
April, 1999 in-service start

Noge chikamichi

Utility tunnel
Maintenance business

We lay tunnel accommodating water supply, electricity, telephone, gas, district heating and cooling in a lump underground of highway and form safe, comfortable city space.

2003 completion
Total extension about 7.0km

(we include for harbor maintenance business)

Utility tunnel

Moving Walkway

We maintained walker passage with Moving Walkway apparatus as Nippon-Maru Memorial Park, comfortable access road to the Landmark Plaza Shopping Center area from Sakuragicho Station.
We install PV system in roof and use electricity that generated electricity for power or lighting of Moving Walkway.

March, 1989 in-service start
(extension about 230m, width 12m)

Moving Walkway

PV system
April, 2009 operation start
The sewer

Among the public sewers to maintain in land readjustment project area, we maintain constant pipe diameter or more sewage tracheas.

July, 2007 maintenance completion
Multipurpose open space
(yoyo open space
Cross patio)

As the center of bustle, we maintained on intersection of "Grand mall axis" and "the queen axis".

Earthquake-resistant model circulation-type water tank

Earthquake-resistant model circulation-type water tank is installed underground.

The second-floor part (yoyo open space)
July, 1993 in-service start
The first-floor parts (cross patio)
July, 1997 opening

Yoyo open space

Grand mall

We served as walker way and, as very large open space that directed bustle of Minato Mirai 21 district, maintained on Grand mall axis.

October, 1999 maintenance completion
※Renewal is under construction
We are going to open in the spring of 2018

Grand Mall Park

The Takashima center

It is park located in the center of King axis.
User rested and maintained as moisture, space where we could work on.

July, 2007 in-service start

Takashima Chuo Koen

Takashima shoreline

It is park located along the Katabira River.
We were connected directly with shoreline promenade (promenade) which began with Route 1 tsukijibashi Bridge and maintained as city park in new waterfront.

May, 2011 in-service start

Takashima shoreline park

Municipal waste

By duct line laid in utility tunnel, we collect garbage in district effectively.

April, 1991

System operation start

The station square space

We push forward tree planting maintenance to plan improvement of comfort, convenience of person from next town as doorway of Minato Mirai 21 district, and space where event utilization is possible makes.

Sakuragicho-sta. pedestrian bridge
March, 2001 in-service start
Station square
March, 2002 in-service start
March, 2013 some repair completion

Sakuragicho-sta. open space

Takashima intersection

We changed position of intersection and shape to enable right turn approach in Minato Mirai 21 district from Hodogaya, the Tozuka area at Route 1 Takashima intersection, and to plan improvement in convenience and neighboring traffic congestion reducing and notification reinforcement of person of next town with the outskirts built-up area.

March, 2004 maintenance completion

As new doorway which bound Yokohama Station East Exit district and Minato Mirai 21 civic center together to raise convenience and safety, excursion characteristics of person from next town to Minato Mirai 21 district, and to promote block development around Shin-Takashima Station, we maintained bridge for exclusive use of walker.

July, 2009 in-service start

hamamirai walk

Takashima 2
Pedestrian bridge

We stepped over Route 1 from King axis that was main walker axis in district to see Yokohama Station all, and to plan convenience of walker space from the passage area and safe improvement and maintained bridge for exclusive use of walker who bound Takashima two orders seam ward together and we saw all Yokohama Station and planned notification of walker network reinforcement with the passage area.

August, 2008 in-service start

Takashima two orders eyes pedestrian bridge

Minato Mirai
Pedestrian bridge

It is deck for exclusive use of walker crossing Minato Mirai Odori with a part of the walker network linking center of Minato Mirai 21 civic center to Yokohama Station. We strengthen continuity of walker lines of flow from Yokohama Station side to King axis, Grand mall axis.

March, 2010 in-service start
March, 2013 roof setting completion

Minato Mirai pedestrian bridge

Allied enterprise

District heating and cooling system
Business nameBusiness summaryProgress, progress
District heating and cooling

It produces on, coldness and zeal to be necessary in district intensively and plans effective operation of energy and contributes to energy saving.
* The business main constituent: 21, Minato Mirai heat supply

April, 1989 heat supply start
April, 1994
The center plant facilities reinforcement
June, 1997
The second plant operation in 24 blocks

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