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With specific scenery formation landmark architecture system

Last update date June 24, 2020

As system that could appoint particularly important landmark architecture in promoting creation of attractive cityscape in Yokohama-shi, it revised a part of the regulations (urban environment law) about creation of Yokohama-shi attractive cityscape in December, 2013 and founded "identification scenery formation landmark architecture system".
As for this system, profit to facility contributing to improvement in charm and vitality creation of city including culture, tourist facility and restaurant where we made use of charm of historic scenery in promotes utilizing.
When we are going to perform large-scale repair with use change for utilization, conformity to Building Standard Act often becomes problem, and landmark architecture is seen.
Balanced maintenance and profit become available for examination of utilizing with by obtaining building examination committee's consent based on designation by this system, being able to lose Building Standard Act if excluded, and leaving value of landmark architecture.

Grounds laws and ordinances

List of specific scenery formation landmark architectures

Designated list
fuban Name The location The designated date
1 Former Entsuuji reception hall (the old Kimuras house central room) 20-3, Seto, Kanazawa-ku February 25, 2016
2 The old Fujimotos house central room and arbor 2-922, Baba, Tsurumi-ku November 15, 2016

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