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Scenery town development learning

Last update date August 5, 2020



1.susume of scenery town development learning

It raises awareness for town familiar since childhood and good scenery to make beautiful town which can have pride and attachment toward area, and to be brought up, and to tell the next generation, and it is important to polish.
To that end, we think that it is significant to have learning opportunity about scenery town development in elementary and junior high school.

Significance of scenery town development learning is as follows.

  • Experience-like learning to bring up curiosity of children and heart to be impressed by
  • Learning that assumed area with attachment the stage for town and living through communication with many people
  • Expanse that is good as subject to work on in "period for integrated study" (the following, composite learning) and rich learning

In addition, like the chart below, it can unfold in combination with learning such as other subjects not only as subject to work on by "composite learning".

Scenery town development learning can put learning with other subjects together as well as composite learning

2.About guide of scenery town development learning

In Yokohama-shi, we promote the making of attractive scenery utilized local individuality.
School where there is many is chosen every year in the city and, by the scenery town development furtherance business performing in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, has you work in (the following, composite learning) for period for integrated study.

We made guide for teacher from thought to want you to come to like their towns when we performed "the town exploration" in composite learning and class of social studies so that by looking at town in cut end, child cut off "scenery".
We make based on contents such as hearing or report of teacher of school which worked on the scenery town development furtherance business.

This guide helps with teacher examining classes such as composite learning and is happy if it leads to promotion of attractive scenery town development.

※For product for teachers, we are released only partly.
When you want to use guide in classes, please contact scenery adjustment section (tel:045-671-3470).
(please consult about person wanting guide other than the teacher.)

3.We support composite learning at school by "scenery"! Shiningly ☆The scenery town exploration

When you appear in in time for composite learning particularly area and wait and explore, may you not be worried about "not having many characteristics in their areas?"

We can make it easy by to use viewpoint of "scenery", find various resources in area more.
That is "scenery town development learning" that we support.

3-1 shiningly. ☆The scenery town exploration (kira ☆-cho)

We suggest the way of new town exploration to know area well more.
Not local bad place, we can find good place that dazzled of important place for children each one that is town.
Gathered up the points in case of viewpoint of scenery and town exploration, talks clearly; please see "☆ scenery town exploration video shiningly".
In addition, in practice guides of Yokohama-shi scenery vision revised edition, we introduce example of good scenery in the city and the structure.

In addition, we can see part-time jobs such as "lecture" or "the town exploration" in this video by head soup stock.

  1. Lecture: With "scenery" (the outside site)
  2. The town exploration (the outside site)
  3. Talks (the outside site)
  4. With announcement afterwards (the outside site)

It is kira 3-2 ☆Town leaflet

kira ☆We made leaflet which waited, and gathered up introduction of video and casebook which we delivered in time for composite learning of elementary school and taught so far, hint of scenery town development learning.
kira ☆As supplementary textbook when we carry out town, please see by all means.

It is keyword of scenery 3-3

kira ☆In "keyword of scenery" to use in town, there are three kinds of the "space" "working" "sensitivity".

Format for print

We release format for print to make card and seal as workshop tool, and to be easily usable.

Format for card print
Format for seal print

Commercial label seals confirming that print is possible with this format are as follows.

  • A one label seal article number 31555 (/corner-maru belonging to mat, white/A4 seal/70/all sides margin)

Please print without increasing, and reducing.

※For usability, we extract seven kinds from 12 kinds of keywords with format for print of "sensitivity".

Reference example of scenery which is good 3-4

In following HP, we introduce good scenery in Yokohama-shi. Please come.

4.Approach example of scenery town development learning

In the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we prepare for 11 kinds of model programs (subject) to become clue when we work on scenery town development learning in "period for integrated study" of school for elementary and junior high school working on "scenery town development learning".

We support expense to support "scenery town development learning" at urbiculture promotion foundation.

You have these inflect by all means, and do you not push forward scenery town development education?

The furtherance business 2014 conduct school
[Yokohama City Akiba Elementary School six years] Completion report (PDF: 350KB)

The conduct model program (subject) name: We mend No5. area karuta
Unit name

Let's make karuta conveying good town
(all nine hours)

Aim of learning
  • It is last one year in elementary school life, so pays more attention to local people whom oneself lives in and local environment (good scenery) for thing, elementary school student equal to turning point called the 30th anniversary of the foundation of school and thinks about their areas.
  • We deepen understanding for local tradition or culture through scenery and let attachment for area last.
Learning contents
  1. National language of "welcome us enter, and eat to town", and tell in paying the attention to local scenery to tell with good town, and making karuta.
  2. We let you raise place where good local favorite place and town comes to and we perform to the actually place and gather information. (we take in photograph and we write memo and depict painting)
  3. We report favorite place of thing and oneself who make a tour of areas, and noticed.
  4. We make mascot to copy into photograph to take as face card of karuta.
  5. We take photograph of face card.
  6. In conformity to face card, we think about words of reading cards.
  7. We look at completed karuta and perform karuta.
  8. What we felt through the making of karuta and local good point that we mentioned, c/o kinadoomatomeru for local scenery.
  9. We introduce completed karuta toward protector and the area at place of learning presentation.
Reference materials Karuta (we use local karuta "Tozuka karuta" this time) which becomes sample
Fallback Disposable camera
Conduct places  

[Yokohama-shi Tateyama queen-bee larvae honeycomb elementary school three years] Completion report (PDF: 1,118KB)

The conduct model program (subject) name: We mend No5. area karuta
Unit name

Let's convey wonderful place of Sannoudai
(all 12 hours)

Aim of learning We notice characteristic and good their towns to live in and bring up attachment feeling to area and raise interest to tell familiar people.
Learning contents
  1. We think about local good point and characteristic.
  2. We do new discovery while going to wait, and checking wonderful place.
  3. We make local karuta.
  4. We convey wonderful place of town through karuta play.
Reference materials School district map
Fallback Karuta, digital camera, printer which serve as a reference
Conduct places Classroom, school district area

[Yokohama City Irifune Elementary School three years] Completion report (PDF: 194KB)

The conduct model program (subject) name: Let's become No11. area scenery planner
Unit name Guidebook project that is heated, and is interesting that Irifune is boiled
(12 hours period for integrated study 64 hours social for all 76 hours)
Unit target We notice thought of people who live there a life through activity to make guidebook conveying activity and charm to investigate local charm and we feel local good point and have attachment, and oneself can work with consciousness called local member, too.
This time aim (51/76) We look at contents of guidebook which we made each other and talk with about the making of better guidebook through professional editing giving an advice until now.
Fallback TV, PC
Conduct places Classroom

Photograph of guidebook

[Yokohama City Makigahara Elementary School three years, four years] Completion report (PDF: 2,425KB)
The conduct model program (subject) name: Face of No. 06 wall yellowtail that No. 05 firewood mends original karuta
Town firewood that No. 07 firewood is beautiful product rou, No. 08 with signboard of school where is good to the town of Hara is original photo exhibition

<three years>
Unit name Favorite firewood is Hara
Firewood will convey good town with original karuta
Aim of learning
  • We explore their imminent areas (town) to live in, and remind various element making good scenery of and have attachment in their towns.
  • We wait and, through coverage by the exploration, learn what we send "good town" that we found by oneself to, the again expression method.
Main learning activity
  1. We look back on learning of the town of social studies exploration and decide area that we want to report on in detail.
  2. We collect data on town.
  3. We make bare ni karuta in what we reported on.
Conduct place
  • School district area (Makigahara, Kashiwacho, Futamatagawa, Sachigaoka)
  • Classroom

We prepare
(we include reference materials)

School district map, learning card, tanken back (binder), digital camera, watch, karuta which becomes sample

<four years>
Unit name

Class: Get out to the sky; the green world
School year: Kirari challenge, fourth grader

Aim of learning
  • Remind various element making good scenery of their imminent areas (town) to live in of and there is what in oneself to make town and scenery better at school or thinks.
  • We have interest and question about green curtain and we find problem and make a plan with prospect to solution.
  • We learn many preparations and necessary thing to report, and to turn one scenery into related various people such as elementary school student or the staff of a school of other school years through repeating experience taking permission of activity in pushing forward that oneself are thinking.
  • We recognize that there are thought and opinion different from oneself and and friend join forces and, through activity, work on activity.
  • We associate with person running agriculture in area and know professional invention and thought and notice raised difference with plant which oneself bring up and review to make their activities a better one.
  • We gather up clearly to reach partner and express what we notice through learning and felt.
Main learning activity
  1. We coordinate with person who makes a plan to make green curtain, and is related.
  2. We think about what is need so that sponge gourd and go shop, gourd greatly grow up and work in cooperation with friend and learn from local farmhouse.
  3. We make musical to tell what we learned to other school years and family.
Conduct place
  • Green curtain (place raising crane plant) which we installed in the south side of school building
  • Local farmhouse (place to report on)
  • Gymnasium (place announcing musical)

We prepare
(we include reference materials)

  • Seeds of plant and seedling, net, soil, manure for green curtain, learning card
  • Digital camera, digital video

[Yokohama City Motoshuku Elementary School two years] Completion report (PDF: 3,044KB)

The conduct model program (subject) name: No1. hides behind! Face, kao, face
Unit name We lie hidden! Face, kao, face
Unit target It allows you to live a life with friendly feeling and attachment to town and people while realizing pleasure of associating with people in town through local otankensuru activity, and knowing state of town where oneself lives in, and doing new discovery.
Evaluation standard of unit
  • Interest, will, manner to life: We are going to be concerned with local people and various places with friendly feeling and attachment repeatedly.
  • Thought, judgment, expression about activity and experience: We look back toward place or people who became close whom we came to like and express by method for oneself and tell friend or local people.
  • Friendly feeling and favorite places increase and notice oneself who came to be able to contact people appropriately.

5.The scenery town development learning, scenery town development furtherance business references to work on at school

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