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Yokohama-shi public works project scenery guidelines

Last update date June 24, 2020

As thing which settled knowledge or example about the scenery formation in public works project that Motoichi performed in Yokohama-shi in 2014 "Yokohama-shi public works project scenery guidelines (say "guidelines" as follows.) We devised "and, during each stage when plan, plan of public works project led to maintenance, applied as guide indicating way of thinking and viewpoint when we examined scenery side.
In addition, we revised guidelines in May, 2019 following the fact that "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" which was higher policy was revised at the end of 2018.
Furthermore, we revised guidelines in March, 2020 because Yamate-District was added newly as scenery promotion district, cityscape discussion district by revision (the January, 2020 enforcement) of "Yokohama-shi scenery plan" and development (the same month enforcement) of "Yamate-District cityscape discussion district".

When plan, maintenance such as public facilities, maintenance, management are performed in the city, please utilize these guidelines.

Summary of guidelines

  1. Flow of scenery examination in business
  2. Way of thinking of the scenery formation such as public facilities in Yokohama-shi, scenery properties of Yokohama-shi
  3. Point to keep in mind according to facility according to stage in business, design technique

Inflection of guidelines

We classify methods of scenery examination after having judged importance in scenery in inflection of guidelines, and it is expected that we carry out adjustment, examination depending on each (reference: guidelines p.5 ".flow of judgment of scenery examination method 6" (PDF: 338KB)).

Judgment of importance in scenery

In classification of method of scenery examination, we perform along "viewpoint of judgment" of following four points.

  1. The designated situation of scenery important public facilities or scenery important building
  2. The designated situation of scenery promotion district, cityscape discussion district
  3. Positioning in high rank-related plans
  4. Uses such as business scale, facility, others

Method of scenery examination

Or we classify methods of scenery examination in [respectively] as follows [cooperation].

  • [cooperation] Business that it is desirable to consider in cooperation with scenery responsible department (scenery adjustment section, city planning room, area department in charge)
About this business, I would like consultation, reporting to post in charge at earlier stage.
  • [respectively] Business to utilize guidelines in the business jurisdiction section, and to perform scenery examination by check sheet of the end of a volume (Excel: 194KB)
If there is request such as question about scenery side and design, outside expertise wanting to be referred to about this business, please feel free to contact.

Each area department in charge

  • Kannai-District, Yamate-District: Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section (045-671-2673)
  • Minato Mirai 21 civic center: Urban Development Bureau Minato Mirai 21 promotion section (045-671-3516)
  • Minato Mirai 21 new port district: Port and Harbor Bureau maintenance promotion section (045-671-7342)
  • Other than above: Urban Development Bureau scenery adjustment section

Downloading of guidelines

Collective version

It is for the division

Plans in conjunction with scenery in the city

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