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Around Tsurumi Station district

Last update date February 23, 2019

About around Tsurumi Station district, we promote accumulation of commerce, duties, culture function around around station. In addition, we plan maintenance around Tsurumi Station corresponding to these because change of district characteristic including increase of person of next town of citizen is expected by reorganization of use of land of seaside part.


In around Tsurumi Station district, we pushed forward town development that it was easy to use by security and, for the purpose of planning local activation, worked on maintenance of the public interest facilities such as inhabitant of a ward Cultural Centers (sage hall) commencing with facility maintenance such as road or elevator.
In 2010, the best kind Urban District Redevelopment Project in Tsurumi Station East Exit district was completed, and, in 2015, Tsurumi Station East Exit station square redevelopment construction was completed.
We carried out questionary survey how citizen's felt about facility which we received grant of government subsidy and maintained for the purpose of evaluating the effect by quantitative index following the fact that Tsurumi Station East Exit station square redevelopment construction was completed.
In this questionary survey, we had you cooperate with many of you and had valuable opinion. Thank you for your cooperation.
Please see this about questionnaire findings.

About questionnaire findings, we hold department of Motoichi concerned and companies and information sharing to be related and will make use in future town development. If there are opinion questions, please contact city area maintenance promotion section.

The present situation of district

Land readjustment project was carried out in the east side of district, and base facility maintenance of district was pushed forward, and Urban District Redevelopment Project completed in the East Exit station square in 2010, and, about maintenance around the station, redevelopment of East Exit station square was performed in 2015 until now.
On the other hand, city area remodeling business was completed in the Tsurumi Station West Exit station square in the west in March, 1986, and traffic, reinforcement of commercial function were performed.
Use of land of the present situation is comprised in ward synthesis government building, Tsurumi police department , quotient house mixture district where public facilities such as post offices are next to orderly district, mall and this, house mechanic mixture district which small and medium size factory mainly on manufacturing industry accumulates.

Policy of town development

We plan accumulation such as duties, commerce, culture, city model house appropriate for the station square by redeveloping the East Exit station square.
In addition, through enhancement of walker space based on security of the Tsurumi River basin amenity space and around Tsurumi Station town planning discussion district maintenance guideline, we guide the formation of comfortable district environment.
On the other hand, we strengthen traffic base characteristics of the whole district that considered Nozomu Tsurumi Kaifu and push forward examination such as stop of middle-range train, reinforcement of unity of station east and west by maintenance of road network around the station.

Around Tsurumi Station district aerial photograph
(around Tsurumi Station district)

Tsurumi Station West Exit city area remodeling business (completion)

Base maintenance lagged behind our district in comparison with East Exit that land readjustment was completed located at the West Exit station square of JR Tsurumi Station, and city functions such as traffic, commerce decreased, too. Therefore it was expanded and, by city area remodeling technique, maintained station square and centralized three class of medium- and high-levels buildings in the station square and let you show accumulation effect of commerce function and, also, we maintained shopping mall and carried out new town planning appropriate for the station square by attractive plan.

Business summary
The enforcement area1.3ha
Total operating cost11.6 billion yen
The enforcement periodFrom 1968 to 1985
The number of the rightful claimants110 people
City planning decisionOctober 23, 1968
The business plan authorizationOctober 13, 1970
Management disposal planJune 25, 1984
Construction completion notificationSeptember 30, 1985
Public facilities maintenance7,500 square meters of station squares (11 buses, taxi 16)
Shopping mall width 15m, extension 60m
pedesutoriandekki width: 3-10m, extension 12m
Division street city street Tsurumi area Route 14 other 2 line
2,521 square meters of Tsurumi public hall

The best kind Urban District Redevelopment Project (completion) in Tsurumi Station East Exit district

We carried out redevelopment business to plan the formation of the station square space appropriate for the station square and the rational high use of land and improvement of city area environment.

Business summary
EnforcerIncorporated administrative agency Urban Renaissance Agency
The enforcement areaAbout 1.2ha
Total operating costAbout 26.1 billion yen
The enforcement periodFrom 2006 to 2010
The number of the rightful claimants55 people
City planning decisionMay 14, 2004
The business plan authorizationJune 2, 2006
The right conversion plan authorizationMarch 9, 2007
Construction completion notificationSeptember 30, 2010
Facility buildingAbout 57,400 square meters of deferred floor space
Building use commerce, duties facility, house, hotel, the public interest facility
The number of other dwelling units: About 300, height: About 110m
Public facilities maintenanceWe widen copy of about 11,400 square meters of station squares and maintain
Division street width 12m, extension: Widening of about 170m

Tsurumi Station East Exit outskirts maintenance business (completion)

We carried out redevelopment construction of station square existing part to plan facilitation and improvement of traffic such as bus or taxi in convenience of station user.

Business summary
Open space areaAbout 9,300 square meters (about 11,400 square meters of whole)
The enforcement periodFrom 2010 to 2015

Photograph of Tsurumi Station East Exit station square

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