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Around Shin-Koyasu Station district

Last update date February 21, 2019

Around Shin-Koyasu Station is evaluated by "yumehama 2010 plan" in local base, and it is decided to plan improvement of convenience of everyday life by redevelopment business.
In addition, it is decided to maintain Keihin seaside part by the plan again as international industrial base, and around Shin-Koyasu Station has possibility as the doorway.

Summary (completion) of the best kind Urban District Redevelopment Project in Shin-Koyasu Station west district

Business summary
NameThe best kind Urban District Redevelopment Project in Shin-Koyasu Station west district
EnforcerShin-Koyasu Station west district city area redevelopment association
The enforcement areaAbout 4.2ha
The enforcement yearFrom 1997 to 2001
Facility buildingAbout 24,000 square meters of plottage
About 123,000 square meters of deferred floor space (targeted for the capacity: 92,000 square meters)
Floor space according to use
About 29,000 square meters of offices
About 6,000 square meters of commerce
717 houses
About 1,100 square meters of community care plazas
759 parking lots (duties, 178 for commerce, 581 for house)
Maintenance such as public facilitiesAbout 3,900 square meters of open lands to be used for improving the traffic system
Linear improvement of city planning road Shinkoyasu Oguro line and widening maintenance
Maintenance of walker decks from open land to be used for improving the traffic system to Shin-Koyasu Station
Redevelopment of public bicycle parking lots
Park (two new establishments, redevelopment one)

<business progress>

Report notification (H8.11) for Environmental Impact Assessment examination book of building large-scale in 1996
City planning decision (H9.4) of 1997 Shin-Koyasu Station west district redevelopment city planning
City planning decision (H9.6) of redevelopment business
The association establishment authorization (H9.11)
The 1998 right conversion plan authorization (H10.6)
Construction start (H10.7)
2000 facility opening (H12.12)
2001 association dissolution (H13.10)

Cover shot from the area north side
It is whole view from the area north side

General view(image: 295KB)

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