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Around Kanazawa-Bunko Station district

Last update date February 23, 2019

The present situation of district

In station east side district, we perform readjustment of arable land in prewar days and form mall in the station square. Former vigor is lost while consumers needs change, and large-scale store advances to the outskirts in succession, and traffic function of the station square decreases by there not being open lands to be used for improving the traffic system enough again.
Construction of low side type store and apartment goes ahead through station west district with widening maintenance of city planning road soft-shelled turtle Kamariya line rapidly along the line.

Policy of district maintenance

We push forward town development by the next policy in Motoichi to push forward redevelopment around the station appropriate for base of Kanazawa Ward.

  1. In the station east side, we plan improvement of traffic base and examine town planning for local activation and disaster prevention-related improvement.
  2. About individual construction plan, we derive comfortable town planning by security including security of walker space by prior discussion.

Summary of business

Summary (at the time of city planning decision) of the best kind Urban District Redevelopment Project in Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit district
EnforcerKanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit district city area redevelopment association (plan)
The enforcement areaAbout 0.6ha
The number of the rightful claimants28 people
(eight landowners, leased land incarnation 13, tenant seven)
City planning decisionDecember, 1988
The pivot
PlottageAbout 4,300 square meters
Building areaAbout 3,600 square meters
Deferred floor spaceAbout 24,700 square meters
Main structure, numbers of floorsSRC zo is 14 stories above the ground and 1 story underground
Building useStore, house

[organization promoting town planning]

  1. Organization name
    Kanazawabunko redevelopment preparations association
  2. Establishment
    February, 1974
  3. Membership
    31 (at the time of city planning decision)

Town planning discussion district system

※ Town planning discussion district system
<around Kanazawa-Bunko Station district>

(by progress of business, we may review plan.)

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