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Around new Tsunashima Station district land readjustment project

Last update date May 8, 2020

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Summary of land readjustment project

About 1 land readjustment project

 In around new Tsunashima Station district, there is plan when Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line (Urban Expressway railroad No. 7) and new station are established in district, and utilization of land which we put together and the good city area formation of the station square are expected from the new station opening of business.
 Therefore, we maintain city planning road Kyomaru Azuma horizontal line (under an alias: Tsunashima Kaido) which is important highway around this district and Tsunashima Hiyoshi line and maintain city planning road Tsunashimahigashi line going along the district to the north and south newly.
 In this way, we form healthy and good city area deserving to be the new station square by planning maintenance, improvement of public facilities, and arranging land in order and aim at contributing to local development.

2 business summary

Business summary
Business nameAround Yokohama international port city construction work new Tsunashima Station district land readjustment project
The enforcement districtFor each one copy of 1, Tsunashimahigashi, Kouhoku-ku and 2
The enforcement areaAbout 2.7 hectares
The enforcement period

From 2016 to 2023 (we include during settlement period)

Public facilities・City planning road Tokyo Maruko Yokohama Line (width 20m)
・City planning road Tsunashima Hiyoshi Line (width 15m)
・City planning road Tsunashimahigashi Line (width 16.75m)
・Division road (width 13m)
OthersThe enforcement integrally with Urban District Redevelopment Project

Land readjustment project design

Process of business

September, 2016 land readjustment project others city planning decision
February, 2017 business plan decision (at first)
Setting of change (the first) <koku of January, 2018 business plan, setting of Urban District Redevelopment Project ward)
  Substitute lot proposal to from January to March Urban District Redevelopment Project ward
    We appoint temporary substitute lot in the first in June (the first mechanic ward)

Progress of business

Decision of September, 2016 city planning
Decision of February, 2017 business plan
Decision of April, 2018 land evaluation standard, substitute lot design standard
June, 2018 first temporary substitute lot designation

Council for land adjustment

1 conferencing guidance

There is no held plan now.

Council for 2 setting purpose

We install as consultative body of enforcer about around new Tsunashima Station district land readjustment project.
The council is comprised of committee member appointed from rightful claimant by committee member and people of learning and experience elected by election, and enforcer lets the decision reflect opinion when decision of substitute lot plan, designation of temporary substitute lot perform disposal with interest to rightful claimant of land in the enforcement district.

3 grounds laws and ordinances

4 setting date

November 9, 2017

Council for 5 committee member list

Council for 6 administration rule

7 committee documents and minutes

Committee documents
 The dateMaterials and the minutesOthers
The first November 9, 2017Materials (PDF: 6,629KB)
The minutes (PDF: 131KB)
The second February 22, 2018Materials (PDF: 261KB)
The minutes (PDF: 104KB)
(reference) About substitute lot design of land readjustment project (PDF: 923KB)
The third April 5, 2018Materials (PDF: 1,675KB)
The minutes (PDF: 133KB)
The fourthApril 26, 2018Materials (PDF: 379KB)
The minutes (PDF: 126KB)
The fifthJune 21, 2018Materials (PDF: 1,030KB)
The minutes (PDF: 154KB)
The sixthMarch 7, 2019

Materials (PDF: 681KB)
The minutes (PDF: 100KB)

The seventhFebruary 6, 2020

Materials (PDF: 818KB)
The minutes (PDF: 122KB)


About building act in the enforcement district

When we perform building acts in area of land readjustment project, permission is necessary.
For more details, please see this (procedure for buildings in area of urban development business).

About standards about land readjustment project

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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