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Daiba fourth district

Last update date March 25, 2019


About general inspection (Daiba fourth district) of business plan of land readjustment project (July 13, 2018)

The present situation of district

 In this district, the outskirts are surrounded by districts where public facilities and residential land were maintained by land readjustment project, but the appointed forest and rapid cliff ground are left for landslide warning area, and problem in disaster prevention remains, and making may go ahead through chaotic residential land.
 In this business, we perform maintenance improvement of public facilities in district by land readjustment project like neighboring districts and measure disaster prevention-related improvement and are intended that we realize the formation of healthy and good city area that harmonized with surrounding environment.

Summary of business

Summary of business
Business name Daiba fourth district land readjustment project
The enforcement classification The association enforcement
The enforcement district For each one copy of Obacho, Aoba-ku and Misuzugaoka
The enforcement area About 1.6ha
The enforcement period From day of association establishment authorization notification to March 31, 2021
Total operating cost About 11.5 okuen
Public facilities plan Maintenance (width 4.0-6.5m) of division road, maintenance of park, maintenance of adjustment reservoir

(by progress of business, we may review plan.)

The enforcement district figure

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