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Yumegaoka, Izumi district

Last update date May 14, 2019


The present situation of district

The Yokohama municipal subway "Shimo-Iida Station" and Sotetsu Izumino Line "Yumegaoka Station" outskirts are placed as district to push forward "approach for the formation of city area bringing up new turnout, interchange" in "the Izumi Ward plan".
"Yumegaoka, Izumi land adjustment association establishment preparations fair" started in December, 2007 that that "the best district land adjustment preparations association in Izumi rural district" was established in this district in 1999, and local place incarnation played a key role, and examination of town development by land adjustment technique of the association enforcement was pushed forward and performed concrete examination that we turned to industrialization more. Afterwards, as we pushed forward examination and the agreement formation of premeditated town development, and use of land where we made use of maintenance and location characteristic of urban infrastructure facilities such as station squares in was gathered up in September, 2013, we started procedure of city planning decision, and "land readjustment project" by "admission to area designated for urbanization" and the association enforcement was had city planning decision of on June 13, 2014.
We authorized establishment of "Yumegaoka, Izumi land adjustment association" on August 15, 2014.
In addition, examination of detailed future land utility plan was made by our association and was gathered about contents. To this land utility plan, "Yumegaoka, Izumi district city planning" was decided on March 15, 2018.

Summary of business

Business summary
Business nameYokohama international port city construction work Yumegaoka, Izumi district land readjustment project
EnforcerYumegaoka, Izumi land adjustment association
The enforcement districtFor each one copy of Shimoiidacho, Izumi-ku and Izumicho
The enforcement areaAbout 23.9ha
The enforcement periodFrom 2014 to 2022 (including settlement period)
Total operating costAbout 11.3 billion yen

Public facilities

  • Widening maintenance (width 18-21m) of city planning road 3.4.3 cyclic Route 4
  • Maintenance (width 14-19m) of city planning road 3.4.54 lower Iida Line (about 3,900 square meters to include maintenance of station square)
  • Maintenance (width 4.5-11.5m) of division road
  • Maintenance of park, maintenance of rainwater adjustment reservoir
OthersThe Yumegaoka, Izumi land adjustment association secretariat
Telephone: 045(800) 5722

(by progress of business, we may review plan.)

The enforcement area figure
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Area planning system
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Article 76 business formalities

When we perform change of form and essence of land and new construction, reconstruction of building or other workpieces or the enlargement in the land readjustment project area, procedure based on land adjustment method Article 76 is necessary.
We attach required documents to permission application, and, with reference to the following business formalities points, I would like application in Urban Development Bureau city area maintenance promotion section.

The procedure point

Styles such as application documents

Styles such as application documents
Permission application (the first style)PDF (PDF: 60KB)WORD (word: 37KB)
Report of completion (No. 4 style)PDF (PDF: 42KB)WORD (word: 34KB)
Withdrawal book (No. 5 style)PDF (PDF: 43KB)WORD (word: 21KB)
Cancellation book (No. 6 style)PDF (PDF: 43KB)WORD (word: 21KB)
Notification of change (No. 7 style)PDF (PDF: 42KB)WORD (word: 21KB)

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