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Shoot; de energy saving

Last update date March 22, 2019

Shoot; logo of de energy saving

Yokohama-shi becomes energy saving of house for realization of "Zero Carbon Yokohama", and, for the spread of lifestyles being aware of environment, video which we gathered up about "slender energy saving" pushes forward the spread of energy saving actions enlightenment in home by "energy saving in house".

Shoot; de energy saving NEXT

We act, and what should we have energy saving to be possible at home of concretely? It is recommended to such a person!
Of "shoot de energy saving" have cooperate with shooting, and introduce with energy saving action and the point that Otsuka of energy saving adviser that the Minister of the Environment Prize was won can work on at home!

"We shoot and will have of de energy saving" together!

[household appliances energy saving]
When four household appliances account for domestic electric about half, we are surprised!
What will the household appliances be? Answer in video!

Season seems to become point to do energy saving in everyday life!
We tell difference in winter invention in the summer!

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