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Information for Yokohama green up business - crop experience farm

Last update date July 28, 2020

In Yokohama, do you not experience agriculture by all means?

We introduce crop experience farm which we maintained in business of Yokohama green up plan.
You click link to homepage of each farm or Yokohama-shi introduction page, and please confirm the details of farm which you want to experience.

Seasonal experience

As for the current season, blueberry is in season.
※For new corona infectious disease extended prevention, we cancel crop experience this season, and there are correspondence only for direct sale and farm where it is said. Please confirm on homepages of each farm.

Instructions that we deal with crop experience

Information of crop experience farm may be changed without notice.
As there are many farms needing reservations, please do inquiry over telephones to farm hoping for experience beforehand.
Hot ⽇ becoming ⽇ and intense heat ⽇ in midsummer is careful about heat stroke, and you take measures, and please go out.

  • Let's take ⽔ diligently
  • When we sweated a lot, let's take moderate salt
  • We avoid direct ray ⽇ light when going out and cover with hat ⼦ and will play ⽇ umbrella.
  • ⼼ cliff was enough, and used round fans, and squeezed air permeable good clothes coolly around ⾸; paint, and wind up towel, and ⼯ husband tries to do
  • masho.
  • When is tired, at the time of sleep non-⾜ such as a cold when is ill-conditioned, let's avoid impossible going out.

Crop experience farm table of Yokohama green up business

Crop experience farm table
Farm name
(it becomes introduction page of Yokohama-shi when we click)
Homepage of farmAddressItem
Maioka strawberry garden (the outside site)Maiokacho, Totsuka-kuStrawberry
Forest farmNo homepage of farmShinyoshidacho, Kohoku-kuStrawberry tomato
Parlormaid gardenNo homepage of farmAoba Ward Shitaya bookPear sweet potato
Yours Garden Kadokura farm (the outside site)Nasecho, Totsuka-ku

Blueberry fig strawberry mandarin orange sweet potato

MARUI farmWe are introducing homepage of farm in "introduction page of Yokohama-shi"Higashigatacho, Tsuzuki-kuBlueberry fig
Akimoto farm
... Yokohama strawberry club ... (the outside site)Nippacho, Kohoku-kuStrawberry
Maioka hometown village (house of rainbow) (the outside site)Maiokacho, Totsuka-kuSweet potato
Tokue strawberry farm (the outside site)Ichigaocho, Aoba-kuStrawberry
mochida farm (the outside site)Hazawacho, Kanagawa-kuStrawberry
Saegusa tree orchardNo homepage of farmHirado, Totsuka-ku-choPear oyster mandarin orange plum
Kuwabara fruit tree, yoranen (the outside site)Kamiiidacho, Izumi-kuPear oyster plum
Shibakuchi orchard (the outside site)Kagetoricho, Totsuka-kuPear grape fig others
shomakotoen (we play result to carry)No homepage of farmMaiokacho, Totsuka-kuPear
sanya farm (the outside site)Izumicho, Izumi-kuBlueberry
Ishii farmNo homepage of farm6, Gumizawa, Totsuka-kuPlum potato eggplant sweet potato
hidekunchinoichigo field (the outside site)Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-kuStrawberry
Suganuma gardenNo homepage of farmKitahassakucho, Midori-kuPear grape
Village of shiba seaside blessingNo homepage of farmShibamachi, Kanazawa-kuPotato mandarin orange
Gumizawa orange farm (the outside site)Gumizawa, Totsuka-kuMandarin orange plum pear grape
Yumegaoka farm (the outside site)Shimoiidacho, Izumi-kuStrawberry
Shimizu farmNo homepage of farmIzumicho, Izumi-kuTomato
Tanaka farmNo homepage of farm3, Kosugaya, Sakae-kuStrawberry
Yoshiwara strawberry garden (the outside site)Higashimatanocho, Totsuka-kuStrawberry
Yoshiwara gardeningNo homepage of farmHigashimatanocho, Totsuka-kuTomato
Suzuki gardenNo homepage of farmSugatacho, Kanagawa-kuPear grape
The beach grape of Watanabe (the outside site)Kitahassakucho, Midori-kuGrape
Mitsuhashi gardenNo homepage of farmNippacho, Kohoku-kuGrape
Yamashita garden (the outside site)Oyama-cho, Midori-kuPear
Shrine stand farmNo homepage of farmUshikubo, Tsuzuki-ku-choKiwi fruit
Takahashi vineyardNo homepage of farmSeya, Seya-ku-choGrape
The truth long gardenNo homepage of farmNakadamachi, Izumi-kuPear grape
Ishikawa orchardNo homepage of farmHashido, Seya-kuOyster
Uchida farmNo homepage of farmFutamatagawa, Asahi-kuBlueberry
Hassaku orange vineyardNo homepage of farmKitahassakucho, Midori-kuGrape
Iijima gardenNo homepage of farmOrimotocho, Tsuzuki-kuPear
Sakata farm Sakata farm -588659954567618/(the outside site)Kuroganecho, Aoba-kuPear
Hagiwara gardenNo homepage of farmJikecho, Aoba-kuMandarin orange
Kaneko farmNo homepage of farmNippacho, Kohoku-kuGrape
Forest of Yokohama ASAHI blueberry (the outside site)Kawajima-machi, Asahi-kuBlueberry
Yokohama saedo gardenNo homepage of farmSaedocho, Tsuzuki-kuKiwi fruit
Suzuki farmNo homepage of farmKamiiidacho, Izumi-kuTomato
Shimoseya grows; farm (the outside site)1, Shimoseya, Seya-kuBlueberry
Shibata farmNo homepage of farmHirado, Totsuka-ku-choBlueberry, grape
Yazawa orchardNo homepage of farmIzumicho, Izumi-kuOyster
Forest fruits forest of fruit treeNo homepage of farmOdanacho, Tsuzuki-kuGrape, oyster
Vineyard SAITONo homepage of farmNippacho, Kohoku-kuGrape
Folding book gardenWe are introducing homepage of farm in "introduction page of Yokohama-shi"Orimotocho, Tsuzuki-kuGrape, pear, oyster, kiwi fruit
Hiramoto farmNo homepage of farmHongocho, Midori-kuOyster, mandarin orange
Ninomiya strawberry gardenNo homepage of farmImagawacho, Asahi-kuStrawberry

Strawberry picking farm Yokohama VeryBerry
(Bury, Bury, Yokohama) (the outside site)Nakadamachi, Izumi-kuStrawberry
Kawato farmNo homepage of farmMatanocho, Totsuka-kuStrawberry
Nagashima farm (the outside site)Kamariyahigashi, Kanazawa-ku

Cloud ear mushroom

[about farm during establishment preparations]
Other than the above, farm which we maintained using business by Yokohama green up plan is during establishment preparations.
As we guide if it is time when sapling grows and can harvest, we look forward to, and please wait.

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