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A certain agriculture Yokohama aguri tour "Yokohama farm expeditionary party"

Citizen touches with agriculture based on Yokohama green up plan from 2014, and Yokohama farm expeditionary party is business providing place to toss. We make use of advantage of city in Yokohama-shi, and various agriculture is carried out. You have you observe the distribution spots such as shop floor and direct sale places of the city farm products such as district for exclusive use of agriculture in Yokohama-shi or farmland with unity toward many citizens, and please discover wonderful "agriculture" of Yokohama. (we changed name of business from "Yokohama agriculture expeditionary party" to "Yokohama farm expeditionary party" from ※ 2020.)

Last update date August 1, 2020

Yokohama farm expeditionary party (offer closed) held on Saturday, August 29

The latest holding results

The 21st sweet potato crop experience and visit to ranch (Ferris University and the cosponsorship)

Izumicho, Izumi-ku, Akuwaminami, Seya-ku

October 5, 2019 conduct

As Ferris University and one which we concluded this time in December, 2018 of the approaches of cooperation agreement of City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau, we carried out under Ferris University and the cosponsorship.
Contents which eco-campus society of Ferris University plays a key role and planned are sweet potato crop experience and visits to ranch. By progress by student of eco-campus society, we did sweet potato quiz before crop experience other than explanation of activity contents with introduction and university and farmhouse of farmhouse, and conversation with participant bounded, too.
Not only, by questionnaire, we were able to enjoy sweet potato crop experience and visit to ranch, but also some said, "older sisters were kind", and which "progress of student was good" became tour that gangs were different in until now.

The past holding results

If there is no the first beach; the beach grape

Sugatacho, Kanagawa-ku (district for exclusive use of Sugeta Hazawa agriculture)

August 22, 2014 conduct

We observed shop floor of grape by bus visiting districts for exclusive use of Sugeta Hazawa agriculture from Yokohama Station if there was no beach.
As well as story of explanation and fruit tree cultivation of district system for exclusive use of agriculture, we had you deepen understanding for agriculture of Yokohama by harvesting grapes while hearing story or thought that hit fruit tree cultivation of production farmhouse, and had a hard time if there was no beach.

The second sweet potato

Shimoiidacho, Izumi-ku

September 20, 2014 conduct

We observed shop floor of farm products near to Shimo-Iida Station and we dug in field of farmhouse which produced sweet potatoes and performed tori rio.
We steamed sweet potato from city and, in front of Shimo-Iida Station, distributed to potato nishiteaguri tour participant and subway riders.
In addition, we had you observe Izumi Ward Farmers Market which you established by Izumi Ward government office which was the distribution spot of the city farm products and collaboration with JA Yokohama.

The third Japanese mustard spinach spinach strawberry

Higashigatacho, Tsuzuki-ku, Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku

February 22, 2015 conduct

We gathered at Yokohama Station and observed district (land improvement district in northern east) for exclusive use of the east agriculture by bus and we harvested at strawberry farm of Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku and experienced.
In district for exclusive use of the east agriculture, we observed state of shipment adjustment work of Japanese mustard spinach to hear story of farmhouse about shopping of farm products from city in direct sale place of JA Yokohama, production of spinach Japanese mustard spinach. We were able to see in greenhouse which could not be readily contained.
We performed harvest of strawberries experience in Hazawa-cho and had you taste strawberry from the city.

If there is no the fourth beach; servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village

Kuroganecho, Aoba-ku, Jikecho

September 12, 2015 conduct

We had you explain differences of story and kind of beachless cultivation toward the production farmhouse of Kuroganecho, Aoba-ku that you cultivated that there was no beach in for a long time in the city. We performed comparing the tastes every kind without the beach and actually had you know difference in kind with own tongue.
In servant of a Buddhist temple hometown village, we took a walk in valuable rural district scenery to invite harvesttime to soon and had you thoroughly enjoy green of Yokohama.
In person who participated, which was surprised saying such "a place is in Yokohama" came.

The fifthKaribe(karube) daikon and seitaninosen

Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku

November 11, 2015 conduct

To hear story of of producer working on agriculture energetically in district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture in the inside among residential areas, is original kind; "Karibe(karube) experienced gain of daikon.
The born top was purplish red, and point was white, and, after longtime trial and error, daikon which did gradation was harvested with surprising voice of participant.
We introduced local direct sale place and introduced place that could purchase fresh agricultural products from city and had you enjoy shopping.

The sixth strawberry and ikehennosen

Ikebemachi, Tsuzuki-ku

March 16, 2016 conduct

It is very close to Kohoku new subdivision, and farmland with unities 100ha or more spreads.
We observed district for exclusive use of Ikebe agriculture of the inside this time. We asked about story of producer who performed tomato cultivation in greenhouse and producer who performed floriculture while actually observing house. Some raised surprise from participant on seeing tomato cultivated by water culture without soil.
Finally we observed strawberry cultivation facility cultivated in ko* and had you taste strawberry from the city which ripened fully.

The seventh environment activity support center

Karibacho, Hodogaya-ku

August 23, 2016 conduct

The seventh visited environmental activity support center which was facility of Yokohama-shi. By lecture, we learned about introduction of environmental activity support center and agriculture of Yokohama-shi.
We did the sugar content measurement of pear and grape which carried out crop experience, and it looked like participants was surprised at sugar content of pear and grape which we compared with sugar content with drink.
Afterwards, we had you experience harvest of pear and grapes in noho ground in environmental activity support center.

Village of the eighth sweet potato kutsu rito Tana blessing

Daimachi, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Tanacho, Aoba-ku

October 26, 2016 conduct

We dug sweet potato in district for exclusive use of Nagatsuta stand agriculture and carried out Chinese restaurant (direct sale place) visit in introduction, the four seasons of village of Tana blessing.
In district for exclusive use of Nagatsuta stand agriculture, we performed sweet potato kutsu rio to hear story of agriculture of district from farmers. Afterwards, we moved to JA Yokohama Tana Branch and introduced approach of village of Tana blessing including chotsudendainosen. We observed cookhouse of artefact which we sold in Chinese restaurant in the four seasons that were one of the approaches and had you enjoy shopping in Chinese restaurant in the four seasons.

The ninthKaribe(karube) daikon and seitaninosen

Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku

November 11, 2016 conduct

It lasts in 2015 and is the second holding. We went round farmland while walking in district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture.
In story from farmers, we heard story of Nishiya green onion and story of outflow measures of the cultivation soil, story of niarukarakosono invention out of one of residential area.
"Karibe(karube) had talk about thought from farmers to original kind in crop experience of daikon, and, in daikon that gradation from purplish red to white was characteristic, some said that was surprising from participants.

The tenth mandarin orange picking and shibanosen

Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku

December 3, 2016 conduct

There is shibanogyosenyojiku in good hill country of view facing Tokyo Bay. We heard story of "family that derives only part of its income from farming and a half fishing" to run both agriculture and fishery only in near shiba of fishing port and story of mandarin orange cultivation that we made use of warm climate in from farmhouse.
And mandarin orange picking while we feel refreshing wind from the sea! It was surprised as we did not know that mandarin orange picking was possible in Yokohama-shi, and there was more.
Finally we had you enjoy shopping in shiba seaside farm direct sale place.

The eleventh tomato corn

Higashikibogaoka, Asahi-ku, Shimokawai-cho

July 22, 2017 conduct

We harvested tomato in field of designated agricultural plot among residential areas. We heard story that was doing local contribution as far as we could educate cultivating, meal agriculture without caring about neighborhood inhabitants, and using pesticides as much as possible from farmers.
It is JA Yokohama farm products direct sale place "hama child" Mel cart tsuoka shop that came next. We enjoyed shopping of local agricultural and livestock products.
Finally, we harvested corn in large field of Shimokawai for agricultural use place. We carry out various agriculture experience events at village of the capital Okachi ward blessing here. Participant who ate straight corn for the first time on the spot was impressed saying "it is sweet!" and was able to show smile.

The twelfth sweet potato

Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku

October 9, 2017 conduct

In house of Maioka hometown village synthesis information desk rainbow, we listened to story with local picture from director. Afterwards, we move on foot while feeling autumn of Maioka hometown village.
After visiting direct sale place "ham studio maioka" and JA Yokohama farm products direct sale place hama child "Maioka", and having listened to story of each manager and producer, we enjoyed shopping. As we sold side dish and lunch using local agricultural and livestock products other than vegetables in ham studio, there was participant who enjoyed taste of farm output artefact on the spot.
Finally, we move to field and dig sweet potato that you are waiting impatiently for to listen to story of producer. Cheers went up when we dug up big sweet potato, and adult enjoyed child, too.

The thirteenthKaribe(karube) daikon

Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku

November 8, 2017 conduct

In district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture, we visited three producers including direct sale place.
We heard valuable stories such as beginning cultivation at the 30, Showa generation, and continuing newshounding for maintenance of native species much more more than 60 years from the first producer about soft, delicious Nishiya green onion produced in Nishiya district.
shinkishuno is done, and, in the second producer, about 20 items of vegetables form a line in Shiroi farm direct sale place every day. We cultivate summer tomato for the main force and we are particular when we want to bring all up from 1 and we wind up oneself class and make seedling and cultivate soil culture using organic fertilizer.
Original kind "that the third producer spends time of about ten years, and pink gradation is beautifulKaribe(karube) Japanese radish was raised. Participant harvested Karibe daikon with smile and, by questionnaire, was asked about voice that we were impressed by story of kind upbringing. Finally we observed direct sale place "FRESCO" that was particular about taste and the freshness, and participant was satisfied with many fresh vegetables.

The 14th danshibagyoko and conger eel, shibanosen and mandarin orange picking

Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku

December 2, 2017 conduct

We had you explain fishery while watching video first after visiting shibagyoko, and having observed the cause of information for gyogyokyodokumigoshibashishocho, small size bottom biki net-fishing ship and shipment workshop, fishing port direct management dining room "bowl of Koshiba" and fishing port facility. There were interesting stories such as various kinds of fish being produced by having pride toward name of "Koshiba", conger eel being produced in hometown well, bottom biki net-fishing ship from local Ryoshi and others.
After having swelled by pleasant mandarin orange quiz by student of the Univ. of Tokyo mandarin orange fans society, we thoroughly enjoyed tempura bowl using "bowl of Koshiba" and the ground conger eel and miso soup of the ground plenty of vegetables for lunch.
Next time to shibanogyosenyojiku of hill country. We observed village direct sale place of shiba seaside blessing to listen to story about reclamation or allotment from the staff of "JA yokohamashibanoenkanrijimusho" freely. Afterwards, to listen to story of producer who ran "family that derives only part of its income from farming half fishing" only in shibajiku, we enjoyed mandarin orange picking. If mandarin orange cared for carefully to taste at tide-style farm where there was was sweet-sour and was delicious at all, it was reputation.

The 15th dansugedenhanesawanosen and strawberry, dairy farming

Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku, Shinanocho, Totsuka-ku

March 29, 2018 conduct

We carried out target nishitaaguri tour in parent and child for the first time this time.
After having observed district for exclusive use of Kanagawa Ward Sugeta Hazawa agriculture that farmland of 61.1ha spreads from the car window of bus, crop of strawberry experiences cultivation of strawberry at the beginning metamochida farm for five years. Hey, we ate a lot of C berry and two kinds of fully-ripened strawberries of deep red cheeks, and smile spilled.
We observed cowhouse while hearing story that continued running dairy farming while harmonizing with people while Yokohama was urbanized at nearby Hida ranch from Higashi-Totsuka Station from producer. In ice studio meria of juxtaposition, fruit ate gelato using strawberry of mochida farm as Special Menu.
It became tour that could thoroughly enjoy each taste of strawberry which we processed into strawberry and gelato which we just harvested.

The 16th corn and cactus

Shimokawaicho, Asahi-ku

July 14, 2018 conduct

Targeting at parent and child, it rotated around Shimokawaicho, Asahi-ku.
At first, to cornfield spreading under the deep blue sky. After having heard story of delicious how to eat corn and damage due to raccoon from producer, we harvest and experience. Both adult and child came to have a lot of smiles.
Cactus Hirose that it is cultivation greenhouse of cactus and fleshy plant and direct sale place that came next. We enjoyed visit to greenhouse while hearing production method of colorful cactus and rare fleshy plant or the way of management at home.
Finally we visited JA Yokohama farm products direct sale place "hama child" Mel cart tsuoka shop and bought local farm products, and it was in tour to feel agriculture of Yokohama.

The 17thGod seven(do) and visiting fields

Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku, Kamariyahigashi, Kanazawa-ku

October 27, 2018 conduct

It is meeting of scholars of young person agriculture of KanagawaGod sevenKind "each original by cooperation of (why) visiting mine, fields of three city in Hazawacho, Kanagawa-ku in visit, Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku of fieldKaribe(karube), crop experience of daikon, performed crop experience of shiitake and sampling that roasted shiitake in Kamariyahigashi, Kanazawa-ku.
Producer (God seven member) went together from meeting to dissolution, and this tour became plan that could interchange of producer and participant more. Not only by, in journey and each field, having heard story full of enthusiasm of producer, by questionnaire, was able to enjoy sampling of crop experience and shiitake, but also voice that felt had passion and love for agriculture of producer a lot.

Visit to the 18th farm and taro, dry persimmon

Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku

November 10, 2018 conduct

Targeting at parent and child, we visited "kanekofa - mu" in Maioka hometown village this time and performed visit to farm, taro crop experience, the making of dry persimmon course.
On the way to field of taro crop experience, there was explanation that was polite at each site in the garden from producer about writing down pesticides to keep cultivation of plum and persimmon, the making of compost, soil microbe alive. Participant listened attentively eagerly.
We experienced root last joke to dig, and to remove classification of parent taro and taro, left root from advance of taro in field.
We performed visit and sweet persimmon of how to make and comparing the tastes of astringent persimmon in course for making dry persimmon. Participant enjoyed difference in taste while being surprised at taste of astringent persimmon without opportunity to usually eat.
Finally we ate "kaneko juice" using "bamboo shoot rice" of kanekofa - mu specialite de la maison and homemade vegetables, and it was delicious tour happily.

We gather mandarin oranges in the 19th danshibagyokokengaku and shibanosen

Shibamachi, Kanazawa-ku

November 24, 2018 conduct

Secondary to 2017, it is the second holding of tour around farm and fishing port.
At first, we visited fishing port where many fishing boats anchored, and flavor of the tide drifted and had gyogyokyodokumigoshibashishocho show around facility. After having heard bottom tow and explanation of fishing implements at pier, we sensed the world of -18 degrees Celsius in freezer which kept bait bodily and it was observed state that fishing boat was raised on the land. Particularly, various fish such as giant clam and octopus, crab, ray landed in big fish preserve which can touch live fish in this district swims, participant interest deeply.
In addition, we had tempura bowl and miso soup using local fish in lunch.
Then, we moved to shibanogyosenyojiku and observed village direct sale place of blessing. After having finished visit, in open space that could overlook the sea, we heard explanation from the staff of JA yokohamashibanoenkanrijimusho about shibajiku. After having heard story of mandarin orange cultivation carried out flourishingly in our district from producer, we performed mandarin orange picking. We harvested mandarin oranges which participant took a lot of sun, and greatly grew by oneself while enjoying and tasted on the spot.

The 20th tradition vegetables green onion and strawberry crop experience

Nishiyamachi, Hodogaya-ku, Kawajima-machi

March 23, 2019 conduct

We performed tour targeting at parent and child this time.
Was created based on traditional vegetables "Nishiya green onion" with history of about 60 years and Nishiya green onion in district for exclusive use of Nishiya agriculture; "Karibe(karube) green onion heard story from each producer. It featured Nishiya green onion that flavor, taste being good together, Karibe green onion touched red color based on property of Nishiya green onion softly, but there was story that time of about one and a half years suffered by crop each. In addition, the real thing of each stage from seed to crop was displayed about Nishiya green onion, and participant watched the unique figure in the way that it was interesting.
We visited farmers who worked on strawberry cultivation by rare soil culture in the city and, in Kawajima-machi, Hodogaya-ku, experienced gain. Participant stuffed the mouth with indulgently big strawberry produced by cultivation of producer feelings in sequence, and it looked like we satisfied taste, the volume very much together.
Voice such as wanting to come for direct sale place and crop experience again impressed by enthusiasm and thought of each producer by questionnaire was asked.

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