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hama greens

PR character (for children) of agricultural and livestock products from city

Last update date February 3, 2020

"hama greens" turns into agricultural and livestock products PR character for children from city!

We change "hama greens" who was emblem of brand farm products of Yokohama-shi to agricultural and livestock products PR character for children from city. When we use "hama greens" with change of the handling newly, application of licensing is necessary.
In addition, already PR material ※Person having this use "hama greens" continues and is available, but submission of report, please to grasp the use situation. (with ※ PR material bag or unity tape, corrugated cardboard for vegetables)

[target purpose of use]
①We contribute to food education and school lunch
②It spreads and enlightens agricultural and livestock products from city
③We promote the use in school lunch
④In addition, the mayor recognized

[eligible people]
①Engines such as nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school
②Ward stations of Yokohama-shi
③Person who works who contributes to local production for local consumption
④In addition, the mayor admits that it is suitable

In addition, you are pushing forward unified PR with "Yokohama farm" in Yokohama-shi, and please utilize logo mark of "Yokohama farm" when you publicize agricultural and livestock products from city other than the purpose mentioned above.


  Submission Deadline for submission

When we use newly
[permission application]

Yokohama-shi agriculture promotion section
TEL: 045-671-2637/FAX: 045-664-4425
Occasional acceptance

When, using prepared block copies, we already use

[each ward of Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku, green, green leaves, Tsuzuki]
Northern agricultural administration office (Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis the fourth floor of the government building)
TEL: 045-948-2480/FAX: 045-948-2488
[each ward of average, south, Konan, Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka, Sakae, spring, Seya]
Southern agricultural administration office (Totsuka Ward synthesis the eighth floor of the government building)
TEL: 045-866-8493/FAX: 045-862-4351
Until Thursday, March 19, 2020※

※We use as a guide of submission in deadline for submission mentioned above, but even after that take documents on that day.
For grasp of the "hama greens" use situation, please cooperate with submission of the above [report] about case that has already used "hama greens" to unity tape and bag, corrugated cardboard material now.

Submission style

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Environmental Planning Bureau Agricultural Administration Department agriculture promotion section

Telephone: 045-671-2637

Telephone: 045-671-2637

Fax: 045-664-4425

E-Mail address [email protected]

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