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Introduction of direct sale place map of each ward

Last update date June 17, 2020


Scenery of direct sale place

Many direct sales places scatter at each site in Yokohama.

We introduce (there is ※ ward that we do not issue) issued in each ward.

We buy fresh farm products, and how about dropping in at direct sale place near home and the workplace by all means?

※It may be called off by weather.
※As it becomes the end as soon as it is sold out, come early.

List of direct sale place maps of each ward

Kanagawa Ward

"beji MAP GOGO! Direct sale place sight-seeing - of ... Kanagawa Ward"


"Yokohama hodogaya nosambutsuchokubaisho map"

Asahi Ward

"Asahi Ward farm products direct sale place map"

Kohoku Ward

"Kohoku Ward direct sale place map"

Midori Ward

"Fresh green Midori Ward direct sale place map"

Aoba Ward

"Green leaves local production for local consumption MAP"

Tsuzuki Ward  

"Tsuzuki vegetables direct sale place map"

Totsuka Ward

"On foot healthy totsuka discovery map"

Sakae Ward

"Have sakaeno vegetables! 2"

Izumi Ward

"We are proud of Izumi"

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