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Rice field maintenance encouragement business

This business intends toward rice field owner in the city based on "Yokohama green up plan" and is system to pay the cause incentive wages of constant condition.

Last update date May 9, 2020

System purpose

We utilize Yokohama green tax to of resources to stop green decrease in Yokohama-shi, and to succeed to "town Yokohama that is full of green" in the next generation and promote "Yokohama green up plan". We carry out "rice field maintenance encouragement business" to pay incentive wages to rice field owners with the proviso that we continue the paddy-rice planting for ten years to keep rice field having a variety of functions including the formation of good agriculture scenery and maintenance of biological diversity in good condition based on this plan.

System summary

Eligible people

With intention making rice in owning rice field in Yokohama-shi for the next ten years
※When owner is not cultivated by loans, we become a target.

Incentive wages grant condition

Paddy-rice having been installed in rice field

Encouragement amount of money

30 yen (in the case of rice field of, e.g., :10a 30,000 yen) per 1 square meter of rice field where paddy-rice was installed
※Fraction less than 1 square meter becomes cutting off.


  • Please manage rice field well.
  • When we cannot continue cultivating rice field by some kind of reasons, I would like agricultural administration office and discussion immediately.

Offer new in 2020

As you started acceptance of new offer of 2020, apply by all means at this opportunity.

Submission documents

●Rice field maintenance monkey appearance book
●Request for fund transfer book
●Documents which prove proprietary rights of rice field
 ※Among 2020 taxation statement, land tax ledger, all matter certificates (register certified copy) either copying (copy)
●Written consent of owner except representative (report book)
 ※Only in the rice field in the name of joint ownership. If there are any lot number of the rice field concerned, joint owner full name, Address, seal, style of written consent does not matter.

Various styles


Apply for each agricultural administration office by mail or bringing.

Rice field location ward Agricultural administration office The location, contact information

Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Hodogaya, Asahi, Kohoku ・
Green, green leaves, Tsuzuki Ward  

Environmental Planning Bureau northern part agricultural administration office

32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku (the Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building)
Telephone 045-948-2483

Average, west, south, Konan, Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka ・
Sakae, spring, Seya Ward

Environmental Planning Bureau southern part agricultural administration office

16-17, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku (the Totsuka Ward synthesis government building)
Telephone 045-866-8491

The submission deadline

June 19, 2020 (must arrive)

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Telephone: 045-671-2630

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