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To scholars of damaged agriculture by 2019 typhoon No. 19

Last update date March 18, 2020

Information for supporting business of country

We visit scholars of agriculture suffered damage by typhoon No. 19 heartily.
Country (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries) announces assistance measures to agriculture and forestry fisheries relations by typhoon No. 19 to support the serious damage situation by typhoon No. 19.
As for the details, please see the following URL. (the outside site)

General support grant (scholar of damaged agriculture support type) made with strong agriculture, leading figure ※Acceptance was finished (December 16)

Heavy rain (we include rainstorm of typhoon No. 10, No. 13, No. 15 and No. 17.) with front in 2019 from August through September For scholar of agriculture that we suffered from by, typhoon No. 19, it became expected that business "making of strong agriculture, leading figure synthesis support grant" (scholar of damaged agriculture support type) of country which was urgent, and supported removal of restoration of facility which was necessary for production, processing of farm products and facility was carried out.

Therefore, the supporting business that the use is hoped for concerned reports, and please submit book to agricultural administration office having jurisdiction over ward to live or ward of damage place.

About proposal

Date of proposal

Until Monday, December 16, 2019

Proposal and consultation, reference

Please contact on the telephone beforehand before coming to window.

  • Northern agricultural administration office
    Telephone: 045-948-2480 fax: 045-948-2488
    Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  
  • Southern agricultural administration office
    Telephone: 045-866-8493 fax: 045-862-4351
    Naka Ward, Nishi Ward, Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward, Seya Ward
  • Agriculture promotion section leading figure support charge
    Telephone: 045-711-0637 fax: 045-721-6356
    Cattle farmer

The furtherance eligible people and support contents

  • The furtherance eligible people
    Person of agriculture that is going to continue farming by removing restoration of damaged facility or facility which collapsed in people whom facilities for agriculture suffered from by the typhoon mentioned above among agriculturists (sale farmhouse).
  • It is targeted for support
  1. It is the acquisition of the facility before agriculture damage concerned and facility at the same level by restoration of facility which is necessary for processing of facility necessary for production of farm products or farm products which we produced or meteorological disaster.
  2. The purchase of material necessary to repair facility which is necessary for processing of facility necessary for production of farm products or farm products which we produced.
  3. Maintenance of incidental facility which restores or acquires integrally with 1.
  4. Repair of machine for agriculture necessary for production of farm products and machine which is necessary for processing of farm products which we produced and machine for agriculture that is necessary for the acquisition (before damage and thing at the same level) of accompanying facility or production of farm products and machine which is necessary for processing of farm products which we produced and accompanying facility.
  5. Removal of the earth and sand (debris mixed with the earth and sand) which flowed into facility necessary for production of farm products which collapsed and house for agriculture.
  • Supporting rate
    • The rebuilding, repair
      Public funds: Less than 3/10 prefectural expenses: Less than 2/10 city expense: Less than 2/10 (machines for cattle shed and agriculture may be less than 1/2 public funds. (there is condition))
    • Removal
      Either low sum within 7/10 of less than 7/10 or removal expense of sum that multiplied fixed amount unit price by removal area

※Supporting rate is the maximum. By conditions such as the setting number of years or consumption tax taxation company of facility, supporting amount of money fluctuates.
※Proposal does not guarantee adoption to business. As we may not be targeted for assistance by conditions, please understand.

Documents which have you offer in the case of proposal

  • Report; book
  • Photograph which the damage situation understands
  • Quotations

※Please consult with the reference mentioned above even about the situation that all documents do not have equal.
※In addition, after proposal, please note that you have you submit required documents to show as follows sequentially.

Record (photography) of agriculture damage

Because it is necessary for person in hope of state support plan to prove the damaged situation about damage of typhoon No. 19, record and preservation with photographs, please so that facility or point, size that we suffered from are found.

  1. Please know the shooting date.
    • When you confirm whether setting is set definitely on dates such as digital cameras and slip off, please repair at the time on the right date and time.
    • You write in on date, and please set cases such as digital cameras with function to copy into image.
    • You write in on date, and let drawing paper that the first piece listed print part and the date on date of newspaper of shooting come out when there is not function.
  2. Please photograph whole view (the whole photograph) of machine for facility and agriculture that you suffered from and place of concrete damage.
    • Please photograph photograph which targets for comparison such as people entered to know a feeling of overall scale.
    • When it becomes mosaic (patch photograph) without whole view finishing being settled, please find overlapped position.
  3. When you photograph place of concrete damage, please perform shooting in background, shooting in close view which (2) size attached measure and vernier calipers to so that it is revealed with set so that it is revealed which overall position (1) damage point is at.
    • When you photograph close view, you are careful about focuses of focus, and allow number to make out.
    • For interval between the arch pipes and interval between the props, please photograph diameters of pipe in particular.


Required documents

When state support plan is used, we update this page and will tell about necessary documents as soon as the details are decided.
※As well as documents which had you submit in the case of proposal, it is assumed that the following documents are necessary. In addition, please understand as necessary documents may increase depending on contents of business.

Documents that it is expected that it is necessary
  • Documents (quotation, drawing, ordering book, statement of delivery, bill, receipt) which are related to payment to affect target approach
  • Affliction certificate
  • Others, copy of decision report
  • In addition, in the case of removal, it is manifesto to the above document

Instructions, condition

Main conditions provided from country at present are as follows on carrying out business.

  • About facility which performed the rebuilding, take out insurance such as gardening facility mutual aid.
  • What certificate of damage / disaster (or affliction report certificate) of damage of typhoon No. 19 can prepare for.
  • Continue farming after the conduct of business.
    • Facilities which introduced public funds are own expense repair after repair, but report to country is necessary. Report is necessary for cases that facility suffered from again, and the own expense rebuilding and subsidy return may be demanded by the situation in future.

Other support systems (related link)

Damaged person can get following relief, support system for typhoon No. 19 by submitting "affliction certificate" to counters in charge such as ward offices.
For more details, please refer to counter in charge listed in link.

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