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International exchange of Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

Last update date March 8, 2019

We concluded memorandum about cooperation with Taipei City zoo and cooperation of Yokohama Zoo

Taking the opportunity of Taipei City and the partner city tie-up tenth anniversary of Yokohama-shi, we concluded memorandum to build sustained collaborative relationship (under an alias: partner Zoo) for the purpose of pushing forward maintenance of wild animal and biological diversity.

Photograph of taking a ceremonial photograph after memorandum signing
State (from the left Mayor Hayashi, Okuma Environmental Planning Bureau head, Murata Yokohama animal director, Taipei municipal institution animal director, hidaikitashikyoikukyokucho, *daikitashicho) of the memorandum conclusion

The signing ceremony

  1. Signing day: Friday, October 21, 2016
  2. Place: The Taipei City government
  3. Signing: Taipei City animal director, Yokohama animal director, Taipei City education chief of the bureau, the City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau head

The field of main cooperation

  1. Thing about research about maintenance of zoo and wild animal
  2. Thing about conduct of effective environmental conservation education
  3. Thing about animal management such as breeding lower breeding and knowledge, technology exchanges about zoology
  4. Thing about exchange of breeding animal for the purpose of habitation outside the area maintenance

About the future

About concrete activity content (types of animal to change), we are going to discuss including the whole this visit to Taiwan in future.

About Taipei City zoo

Is opened in 1914, the number of the breeding classes is about 450 kinds of 3,000 points. Area is only opening of the park part; 90ha (as for the whole site 165ha). In the garden, 8 areas know according to climatic zone and environment including Taiwanese faunal region, tropical rain forest ward of Asia, African faunal region, and indoor display facility including insectarium, panda building, koala building, nocturnal animal building is satisfying in others, too.

The recent interchange results with Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

2003: kammurishiromuku two pairs are transferred to Taipei City zoo by Yokohama Zoo
2006: Two giant kangaroo males are transferred to Taipei City zoo by Kanazawa Zoo

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