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Exhibition, visit of Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama

We introduce exhibition, visit of Preservation and Research Center.

Last update date September 25, 2020


We hold various public lectures about wild animal. General person can participate free, too.
We introduce next holding in HP as soon as it is decided.

The past results
(2) "saves crisis of the extinction" in 2014
The 2014 (1) "world of birds which do not fly"

Visit to facility

Visit tour (product for groups)

As you accept visit by prior application in the following schedule, apply with visit application after inquiry over telephone. In addition, I may decline when application centers. Thank you for your understanding.
*Preservation and Research Center is about 30 minutes on foot from the ZOORASIA front gate.
[object] Group (application order) of 5 to 30 persons
[the date and time] We post plan of 2020 once it's been decided.
※It is around one hour from 13:30 at time.
[contents] For example, we introduce following precious animal and maintenance activity

  • What kind of chicken is rare chicken kagu which is only in Yokohama in the country?
  • What kind of facility will facility multiplying wild animal be?
  • What kind of thing is the wild return business of kammurishiromuku?
  • Approach to rare chicken mizogoi maintenance to come flying in Yokohama.

[application] Apply by visit application after inquiry over telephone in mail or FAX or e-mail by one week ago.
◎Reference telephone 045-955-1911 FAX045-955-1060
e-mail [email protected]
(Reception hours 8:30-17:15)

Visits such as schools

We are accepting visits such as schools with a small number of people (include leader to ten people) now. But we may change by the infection situation of new coronavirus in the city. For details, please refer.

Open specially

We release facility of Preservation and Research Center for visitors of Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA and introduce result such as study or wild return business working on mainly. In addition, you can see precious animal to raise in facility.

About conduct of 2020, it should be cancellation from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus about this autumn.

*We may have to cancel visit to each facility for infectious diseases measures such as highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Experience-based meetings

Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama "science school" (object: more than junior high student)

We carry out experience-based scientific lesson targeting at adults from junior high student using period in summer vacation.
We can observe experience and breeding facility of experiment to extract DNA.

Scientific school of 2020 was called off.

Inquiry to this page

City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau greenery part Zoo section Preservation and Research Center

Telephone: 045-955-1911

Telephone: 045-955-1911

Fax: 045-955-1060

E-Mail address [email protected]

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