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Business introduction of Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama

Last update date April 8, 2020

Maintenance of these species is required that a lot of wild animals which are endangered in Japan inhabit and keep biological diversity in good condition. Therefore we work on breeding lower breeding and study of domestic precious animal including the Yokohama city in Preservation and Research Center positively.
Specifically, we perform study about familiar animal lives such as mizogoi (endangered species) which comes flying in the city in the breeding season or frog which inhabits the city, and becomes environmental index. In addition, about snow grouse becoming domestic endangered species, we work on establishment of breeding bottom breeding technology by close species with the goal of recovery (maintenance in habitation area) of the number of population establishment (habitation outside the area maintenance) and the wild habitation under the breeding.

We work on breeding lower international endangered wild animal reproduction and push forward international contributions such as participation in wild return activity and international maintenance plan. As approach to breeding lower propagation of international species, we raise Malaysia tapir and kammurishiromuku, kagu (breeding animal).

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In cooperation with 3 zoos of Yokohama-shi and university, we promote study for the purpose of maintenance of biological diversity.
Specifically, we perform three next approaches.

We know structure of breeding

We perform analysis of sex hormone and male and female distinction by gene to analyze breeding menstruation scientifically, and to establish breeding technology.

We follow gene

We clarify subspecies and individuals, interspecies closely related relations by analyzing gene to avoid inbreeding, and to prevent genetic crossing.

We leave gene

We cryopreserve gamete (ovum, sperm) and cell in liquid nitrogen tank to leave genetic resource of endangered wild animal in the future. Using these gametes, we perform study on artificial insemination.
From March, 2014, we set up gamete bank of (public corporation) Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums and perform storage of gamete of precious animal which zoos of the whole country raise.

We work on the public information and spread of precious animals activity to have citizens feel as problem that is imminent in biological diversity as subject for maintenance and breeding.

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