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Facility summary of Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama

We introduce facility summary of Preservation and Research Center.

Last update date February 26, 2019

About facility

Photograph of study ridge and hospital ridge

Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama was established in site of Yokohama Zoo (the outside site) (ZOORASIA) on April 24, 1999. There is plottage from entrance of Yokohama Zoo at 3.7ha in "breeding zone" that entered the approximately 1.5km depths. Animal Hospital to treat animal of animal building raising rare wild animal and various study ridges studying about wild animal and Yokohama Zoo is built in site.

Photograph of breeding ridge

Generally our center is not usually released breeding of rare wild animal to in facility made for the purpose of research to affect breeding and preservation of kind.
It is the first attempt in the country that such a facility was made for zoo.

About protection

Photograph of breeding facility of tapir

We multiply animal selected carefully to store wild animal on the verge of the extinction with breeding ridge of Preservation and Research Center and aim at what we maintain for subculturing under the breeding. We work on breeding, rare wild animals reproduction such as Malaysia tapir and kammurishiromuku, kagu, gray-headed bunting Toki, Congo peacock and are performing basic studies to elucidate life of investigation and wild animal to plan improvement of breeding technology now.

Photograph of baby of kammurishiromuku

In addition, in cooperation with the country of origin Republic of Indonesia, we begin wild return business of kammurishiromuku.
In addition, as member of Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums class preservation Committee, we perform planning of gray-headed bunting Toki, investigation of the breeding situation in the country of kammurishiromuku and making of lineage registration account book and breeding plan.

As research facility

Photograph of state of examination for property of gamete

In research facility of Preservation and Research Center, we study gene analysis to check closely related relations between between subspecies judgment and male and female distinction, species of animal or individual or fixed-quantity of sex hormone concerned with breeding and action analysis to be concerned with.
In addition, 100 years later, we fix our eyes on 200 years later and begin cryopreservation such as gamete and gene, somatic cell of animal that the extinction is anxious about.

Photograph of laboratory

In Preservation and Research Center, we perform this center's original study and support research activities of three zoos (Nogeyama Zoo, Kanazawa Zoo, Yokohama Zoo) in Yokohama-shi.
In addition, not only the staff of Preservation and Research Center but also the staff of each zoo or teacher or student of university collaborating participate in research activities in our center.

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