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The history of Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

Last update date March 12, 2019

Nogeyama Park maintained after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 was opened as excursion method garden (current zoo district), Western-style garden (current distributing reservoir district), semi-Western style garden (current walk district) and unusual park of three wards of three states on September 18, 1926.
This Nogeyama Park was chosen in the first venue (in the second venue Sorimachi Park (Kanagawa venue)) of trade exhibition of Yokohama-shi sponsorship in Japan for three months from March 15, 1949. It was opportunity that animals such as bear, fox, raccoon dog which we displayed to some second venues were pleased with by many everybodies and, on April 1, 1951, opened as "Noge mountain amusement park".
Afterwards, in June, 1964, we assumed zoo free of charge taking the opportunity of one which closed amusement park part to build reservoir underground of amusement park district.
In 2001, we reached the opening of the park 50th anniversary, and, in November, 2002, large-scale repair work that we spent about four years on was finished and reopened.
In April, 1979, "Makigahara little child Zoo" mainly composed of domestic animals such as cow, pork, goat was opened as share garden of Nogeyama Zoo in "Kodomo Natural Park" of Asahi Ward. (now only as for the small animals such as guinea pig (marmot), Japanese chicken)
In March, 1982, Kanazawa Zoo was opened as share garden of Nogeyama Zoo. We displayed and opened three kinds ten points including bighorn sheep the first at first in ward of the United States.
Afterwards, we enlarged public area sequentially and became independent from Nogeyama Zoo in April, 1988, and, in March, 1989, ward of Africa became full-scale exhibition by public display of amimekirin, and zoo was completed entirely.
In April, 1999, Yokohama Zoo that adopted "biotope display" that created environment of habitat of animal for all gardens was opened the first. We enlarged public area sequentially, and "savanna that was the last area in Africa" opened in April, 2015 and opened entirely. Public facilities called ZOORASIA include novel nickname and are got close as famous place representing Yokohama-shi.
In addition, we add closed Preservation and Research Center to corner of site of Yokohama Zoo and function for "preservation of kind" of rare wild animal as research center of the city 3 Zoo.

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