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History and role of zoo

Last update date March 8, 2019

Social role of zoo in the present age,
Place of conservation of nature: It spreads with protection of rare wild animal
Place of research: We conduct research about activities of life and breeding, zoo of animal
Place of environmental (maintenance) education: About animal and natural environments, we provide opportunity to be interested in to society
Place of recreation: We provide place having you spend spare time being relaxed happily
Main four of this; is used for the pillar.

Breeding of wild animal dates back to the Egyptian Heian period (B.C.3000 age) in the ancient times, and record that raised animal under the pretense of "garden of knowledge" in the times (B.C.1500) of King Fumi of lap is left in China.
Characteristic of collection of animal in modern times developed as wealth of privileged class who assumed lord noble representative and ostentation and hobby of power from the ancient times.
About zoo in modern meaning for the purpose of zoological study, it is said that London Zoo done in 1828 of the U.K. begins. With establishment of this London Zoo, zoo was established in sequence in each European city and United States.
In Japan, Yamashita Museum that was in Uchisange-cho, Tokyo till then in 1882 (Meiji 15) moves to the ground of Ueno, and it is Ueno Zoo that opened as affiliated zoo in conjunction with that, and this is beginning of Japanese zoos.
In each zoo of Yokohama-shi, we are developed in business by "four roles" of contemporary zoo which is global tide as axis.
"Research" and "recreation" support "preservation of kind" and "environmental education" from both sides, and they achieve activity purpose of new zoo called "preservation of kind" and "environmental education" by it being power of traction to promote, and four roles being shown in a good balance.

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