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Aim of Yokohama City Univ. Zoo

Last update date March 8, 2019

Through friendly feeling, contact to animal, it is rested pleasure. We provide place of healing to citizen.
Citizen understands life and the current situation of world wild animal and provides opportunity to act for environmental conservation on the earth scale.
We perform activity of preservation, protection of kind and research and take international role.

  • We aim at zoo which can spend day happily.
  • We aim at zoo sending result of information and research to be able to have interest and critical mind for the current situation of world animals.
  • We work on preservation of kind in cooperation with domestic and foreign zoos and groups.
  • We work on improvement corresponding to change of the times to continue stable zoo administration.

Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA

Zoo which can learn as general zoo representing Yokohama-shi although anyone is a pleasure

  • We aim at zoo with theme park-like atmosphere in zone sorted for each world climatic zone.
  • We observe characteristic and life, biotope, action of display animal and aim at zoo which we can learn.
  • Under the theme of "symbiosis of life, harmony with nature", we aim at zoo appealing for life and importance of natural environments through learning and contact.
  • Person at old and middle age aims at zoo demanding own health and pleasing learning, too.
  • We convey information of zoo precisely appropriately and aim at zoo where citizen wants to come to.
  • We aim at zoo to bring up with citizen who citizen participates in with pleasure, and can cooperate.
  • We aim at central zoo of Yokohama-shi in breeding, breeding, the research of zoo including rare wild animal.
  • We aim at barrier-free and viewing convenience of visitor.
  • We aim at eco-friendly zoos such as reduction, exploitation of resources of measures and garbage which do not pollute the atmosphere.

Nogeyama Zoo

Zoo which small child comes across animal for the first time, and none of the feeling zoos visits contact, life casually, and rests happily, and is healed

  • We aim at zoo detonating "sense of Wonder" (sensitivity to stare wide-eyed at marvel) of children by contact.
  • We aim at zoo where it is easy to talk about animal with.
  • We deepen interest in zoo business to Yokohama-shi and aim at becoming the starting point of use of zoo.
  • We aim at zoo administration by partnership with citizen and educational institution.

Kanazawa Zoo

Notice about life and environmental importance while feeling nature which is full of animals and contact and green in southern Yokohama; "discovery of breath! Bodily sensation zoo"

  • We touch with animal and aim at experience-based zoo seen close.
  • We aim at zoo which can plan environmental education, environmental conservation activity.
  • Anyone aims at zoo which it is easy to use.

Preservation and Research Center, City of Yokohama

Center which acts as role that is international as preservation of kind of 3 zoos, preservation of logistical support center class of research activity and breeding Specialized Agencies

  • We aim at "preservation center of 3 zoos of kind".
  • We offer result of research widely.
  • We carry out protection activity of endangered wild animal.
  • We perform collaborative investigation with research organization and donate Field.

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Telephone: 045-671-4124

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