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Each business inquiry (plan period: in 2014-2018)

Last update date August 23, 2018

Green up plan logo

Forest place logo Pillar 1 of approach: We bring up forest to tie with citizen in the next generation

Promotion of certain maintenance of forest place○Purchase by designated expansion, city by green zone preservation systemGreen zone preservation promotion section
(greenery promotion charge)
・Thing about overall system045-671-3534
・The northern area (green leaves, Asahi, Kanagawa, Kohoku, Tsuzuki, Tsurumi, Hodogaya, green)045-671-3948
・The southern area (of Isogo, Kanazawa, Konan, Sakae, Seya, Tozuka the west, the south, spring)045-671-3442
The making of forest in consideration for biological diversity, safety○Upbringing of forest utilizing guidelines made with forestGreen up promotion section
(person in charge made with forest)
○Support of maintenance in appointed forest place
○Disaster prevention-related safe improvement in consideration for biological diversity
○It is effectively utilized thinnings
Upbringing of human resources bringing up forest○Upbringing of human resources taking the making of forest
○Support to activity group made with forest
Citizen makes opportunities about forest ○Of forest enjoy, and is made
○About forest disseminate information

Farmland logo Pillar 2 of approach: We make place where citizen feels agriculture close 

Maintenance of good agriculture scenery including maintenance of farmland○Maintenance of rice fieldAgricultural administration promotion section
・Maintenance of rice field045-671-2630
・Securing of water source045-671-2635
○The conclusion of facility maintenance contract for specific agricultureAgricultural administration promotion section
○Support of approach to maintain agriculture scenery well
・Approach of group keeping farmland with unity in good condition well 
・Illegal dumping measures around the farmland
Agricultural administration promotion section
・Cultivation encouragement of grassAgriculture promotion section
(leading figure support charge)
・Maintenance of facilities for management to use jointly in local groupAgriculture promotion section
○Utilization promotion of farmland by a variety of main constituents 
・Promotion of long-term loan of farmland 
・The reconstruction (middle possession by city) of not being used farmland
Agricultural administration promotion section
Agriculture and the making of place touching○Establishment of farm to various citizen needs 
・Crop experience farmAgriculture promotion section
・Allotment (cultivation crop experience farm, environmental learning farm, special ward farm)Agricultural administration promotion section
・Park with farmGreen up promotion section
(greenery plan charge)
○Promotion of approach that citizen enjoys agriculture and supports
・Yokohama hometown village, village of blessing, community development agreement with agriculture 
・A certain agriculture Yokohama aguri tour
Agricultural administration promotion section
・Civic agricultural college course, on-site training course, promotion of ennoEnvironmental activity support center
Promotion of local production for local consumption○Expansion of opportunity to mention local production for local consumption
・Maintenance, administration support of direct sale place
・About local production for local consumption disseminate information
Agriculture promotion section
○Upbringing of human resources widening local production for local consumption 
・Upbringing of hamafudo concierge 
・Direct sale network, activity support of local production for local consumption support shop
Agriculture promotion section
○Cooperation with citizen and company 
・Matching of in connection with agriculture with companies 
・It is supported business creation about local production for local consumption among the city medium and small-sized business 
・Holding of dishes contest by primary schoolchild, "meal" and the whole school distribution of brochure about "agriculture"

Tree planting logo Pillar 3 of approach: We make green that citizen can realize

Green creation in private land○The furtherance of tree planting in private landGreen up promotion section
(tree planting promotion charge)
○The conclusion of building tree planting maintenance contract
○Preservation of fragrant wood of high quality Furuki
○Distribution of the life memorial tree
Green creation on public facilities, public land○Green creation, management on public facilities, public land
○It is created symbolic green by becoming public landGreen up promotion section
(greenery plan charge)
○The making of active roadside treeGreen up promotion section
(tree planting promotion charge)
Green town development by civic collaboration○Local green town development
Green creation in space bringing up child○Green creation in nursery school, kindergarten, elementary and junior high school
Creation of charm, bustle due to green and flower○The making of bustle caused by tree planting (flower) of the downtown area seaside part 

Public information logo Development of effective public information

Development of public information to widen civic understanding○Common knowledge and the results report of plan Green up promotion section

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