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Summary and application method of the life memorial tree

We present young plant in commemoration of turning point of the life.

Last update date April 25, 2019

We give commemorative young plant to celebrate joy such as birth, marriage to have memory for the life in Yokohama-shi. You put on garden and flowerpot, and please greatly bring up joy.


We are going to perform distribution (from September 1, 2018 for March 31, 2019 receptionist) at each ward office in around June from the end of May, 2019 in the first half year of 2019.

<instructions: About plum ring spot virus>
In Yokohama-shi, outbreak of "plum ring spot virus" is confirmed.
Hana plum, those who wish to distribute Hana peach are homepages of the Kanagawa environment agricultural administration station Please confirm (the outside site).

  ≪To one having you propose the life memorial tree for from April 1, 2019 to August 31≫
   In one having propose the life memorial tree for from April 1, 2019 to August 31 one that wish to distribute in Nishi Ward Office,
   We are going to perform distribution place of young plant in park of neighborhood of Nishi Ward Office. We informed separately, and person who had you apply had 
   We do.

Application method and selectable tree class

One that we can apply for

Birth, nursery school, kindergarten admission, elementary school entrance to school, adult (20-year-old birthday), employment, marriage; get married (50 years), and silver gets married (25 years), celebration of longevity (sixtieth birthday, seventy years of age, Age of Joy, umbrella Kotobuki, eighty-eighth birthday, Kotobuki that is a graduate, white Kotobuki) newly of citizen (transference from the suburbs), housing is the purchase, extension and/or alteration newly
※Apply within one year after before of the memorial day mentioned above.
※Age is age (not calendar year)
※It is only target person that can apply. (as for the cases such as birth, even as for the protector, possible)
※Please plant distributed memorial tree in the city (even as for the potted plant, possible).
※We cannot apply by the same memory again.

Application method

  • It is application on the Internet
Apply from Yokohama-shi electron application, procedure system (the outside site).
  • By exclusive postcard in the case of application
You put 62 yen (※) stamp on return postcard after filling out required items on application for distribution postcard in Public Relations Section of each ward office, and ward office Public Relations Section has, or you put 62-yen stamp on return postcard for letter sent to get a reply each, and please mail to (〒 231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Kannai Chuo Building) to Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section life memorial tree charge.

Time and place to distribute

  • We distribute at in principle each ward office.
  • We will tell by reply card or E-mail (on the Internet application) within two weeks before distribution day.
  • Application from April through August: We distribute in - around November in the end of October.
  • Application from September through March: We distribute in around June.
※As a general rule, it is two days of Saturday and Sunday on distribution day.
※When we cannot come for receiving during distribution period, it becomes invalid.

Kind of young plant

Please choose one from the following tree classes and tree (you apply to one living in ward establishing) of ward.
Ward where tree of ward is established can apply for tree of ward. → About tree of ward

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