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Radiation air dose in Yokohama-shi

Shimin-no-Mori (from the surface of the earth 0.5m in height)

Last update date March 13, 2019

The measurement contents

We measure space γ (gamma) dose of radioactivity of surface of the earth 50cm about Shimin-no-Mori.

Start of measurement time

October, 2011

Public announcement of result of a measurement

We announce after the next day of the measurement day.

About measuring equipment

Measuring instrument which we used for the measurement has following two kinds.
≪Until from October 7, 2011 to December 7≫

TCS-172B (product made in Hitachi Aloka Medical Corporation)

Detector NaI(TI) scintillation detector

≪After January 24, 2012≫

Mr.Ganma A2700 model (product made in clear pulse company)

Detector CsI(TI) scintillation detector

[the measurement situation]
The ward name Name of the facility The location The measurement day Weather Result of a measurement (μSv/h) explanatory note 1
Sakae Ward Forest of Yokohama nature observation Kamigocho, Sakae-ku 10/7 2011 Fine weather 0.06-0.08
Kanazawa Ward Kamariya Shimin-no-Mori Kamariyacho, Kanazawa-ku 10/14 Fine weather 0.07
Totsuka Ward Forest of Maioka hometown Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku 10/14 Cloudy weather


Sakae Ward Wild Izawa Shimin-no-Mori Kudencho, Sakae-ku 10/24 Cloudy weather 0.05-0.08
Kanagawa Ward Forest of hokenjishimin Mitsuzawanishimachi, Kanagawa-ku 10/24 Cloudy weather 0.05-0.06
Midori Ward Kamoi original Shimin-no-Mori Kamoi, Midori-ku-cho 10/24 Cloudy weather 0.06-0.08
Asahi Ward Oiwake, arrow finger Shimin-no-Mori Yasashicho, Asahi-ku 11/1 Fine weather 0.04-0.07
Midori Ward Shinji Shimin-no-Mori Niiharucho, Midori-ku 11/1 Fine weather 0.05-0.09
Hodogaya Ward Forest of boundary tree contact Sakaigihoncho, Hodogaya-ku 11/2 Fine weather 0.04-0.08
Totsuka Ward Forest of Kamiyabe contact Kamiyabecho, Totsuka-ku 11/2 Fine weather 0.04-0.06
Tsurumi Ward Forest of Higashiterao contact Higashiterao, Tsurumi-ku 11/2 Fine weather 0.06-0.09
Izumi Ward Forest of forest contact of spring Okazucho, Izumi-ku 11/7 Cloudy weather 0.04-0.05
Asahi Ward Forest of Tsurugamine contact Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku 11/7 Cloudy weather 0.04-0.05
Asahi Ward Forest of Shirane contact Shirane, Asahi-ku 11/7 Cloudy weather 0.05-0.06
Sakae Ward It is Shimin-no-Mori in the shallows Kamigocho, Sakae-ku 12/7 Fine weather 0.08
Isogo Ward Hitorizawa Shimin-no-Mori Hitorizawacho, Isogo-ku 12/7 Fine weather 0.05-0.08
Kanazawa Ward Kanazawa Shimin-no-Mori Kamariyacho, Kanazawa-ku 12/7 Fine weather 0.05-0.08
Aoba Ward Forest of servant of a Buddhist temple hometown Jikecho, Aoba-ku 1/24 2012 Fine weather 0.06
Aoba Ward Forest of Moegino contact Moegino, Aoba-ku 1/24 Fine weather 0.04
Midori Ward Forest of Ueyama contact Kamiyama, Midori-ku-cho 1/24 Cloudy weather, snow 0.07
Midori Ward Forest of sanhoshimin Mihocho, Midori-ku 1/24 Cloudy weather, snow 0.05
Totsuka Ward Poleax is deep water Shimin-no-Mori Gumizawa, Totsuka-ku-cho 1/27 Fine weather 0.05
Totsuka Ward Forest of uitorihhi Matanocho, Totsuka-ku 1/27 Fine weather 0.05
Sakae Ward Iijima Shimin-no-Mori Iijima-machi, Sakae-ku 1/27 Fine weather 0.07
Sakae Ward Kamigo Shimin-no-Mori Kamigocho, Sakae-ku 1/27 Fine weather 0.06
Tsurumi Ward Village Shimin-no-Mori in Komaoka 3, Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku 2/2 Fine weather 0.07
Tsurumi Ward Forest of turnip and mound contact 3, Komaoka, Tsurumi-ku 2/2 Fine weather 0.03
Kohoku Ward Tsunashima Shimin-no-Mori Tsunashimadai, Kohoku-ku 2/2 Fine weather 0.09
Kohoku Ward Kumano Shrine Shimin-no-Mori Morokacho, Kohoku-ku, Tarumachi 2/2 Fine weather 0.05
Kanazawa Ward Seki ke valley Shimin-no-Mori Kamariyanishi, Kanazawa-ku 2/3 Fine weather 0.04
Kanazawa Ward Designation name temple Shimin-no-Mori Kanazawacho, Kanazawa-ku, Yatsu-cho 2/3 Fine weather 0.03
Kanazawa Ward shibachohamaryokuji 2, Nagahama, Kanazawa-ku 2/3 Fine weather 0.07
Isogo Ward Forest of hoshimin isokokuhocho 2/3 Fine weather 0.08
Seya Ward Forest of Miyazawa contact Miyazawa, Seya-ku-cho 2/9 Fine weather 0.03
Seya Ward Higashiyama Fureainojurin Miyazawa, Seya-ku-cho 2/9 Fine weather 0.05
Seya Ward Seya Shimin-no-Mori Seya, Seya-ku-cho, Azumanodai 2/9 Fine weather 0.05
Asahi Ward Sasanodai green tract of land 1, Kanegaya, Asahi-ku 2/9 Fine weather 0.04
Asahi Ward Futamatagawa new subdivision green tract of land Imajuku, Asahi-ku-cho 2/9 Fine weather 0.04
Hodogaya Ward Sakuragaoka green tract of land Sakuragaoka, Hodogaya-ku 2/9 Fine weather 0.04
Kohoku Ward Kozukue ruins of a castle Shimin-no-Mori Kozukuecho, Kohoku-ku 2/10 Fine weather 0.05
Tsurumi Ward Shishigaya Shimin-no-Mori Shishigaya, Tsurumi-ku-cho 2/10 Fine weather 0.07
Kanagawa Ward Shirohata west green tract of land Shirahatanishicho, Kanagawa-ku 2/10 Fine weather 0.06
Asahi Ward Harvest festival mountain green tract of land Kawajima-machi, Asahi-ku 2/13 Fine weather 0.05
Asahi Ward Forest of Ichizawa contact Ichizawacho, Asahi-ku 2/13 Fine weather 0.05
Asahi Ward Minamihonjyuku Shimin-no-Mori Minamihonjukucho, Asahi-ku 2/13 Fine weather 0.05
Konan Ward Shimonagaya Shimin-no-Mori Shimonagaya, Konan-ku 2/13 Fine weather 0.05
Minami Ward 3, Ooka green tract of land 3, Ooka, Minami-ku 2/13 Fine weather 0.06
Izumi Ward Forest of Nakata contact Nakadamachi, Izumi-ku 2/17 Fine weather 0.03
Izumi Ward Forest of carp ke Kubo contact 1, Nakataminami, Izumi-ku 2/17 Fine weather 0.03
Totsuka Ward Tomizuka Yahata green tract of land Totsukamachi, Totsuka-ku 2/17 Fine weather 0.03

Explanatory note 1 unit μSv/h (in microsievert/)

Explanation of result of a measurement

Measurements are less than 1mSv a year (millisievert) that is target value of Motoichi. (as unified way of thinking of Motoichi, we calculate like school for eight hours a day saying that we stay in Shimin-no-Mori for 210 days for one year.)
In addition, we measure in elementary school, junior high school, nursery school, park in the city.
Elementary and junior high school 
Nursery school 

You can see radiation result of a measurement having fixed-point observation (environmental science research institute, Tsuzuki Ward   government office, the southern part greenery office) at altitude of 50cm and 1m from the surface of the earth in the city from this. (the outside site)

(as for the inquiry)
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