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Approach of "environmentally-advanced city which flower and Midori are filled" with in the Shin-Yokohama downtown area Yokohama

With flower and green, we heap up Rugby World Cup 2019™!

Last update date March 30, 2020

With approach of "environmentally-advanced city which flower and Midori are filled" with in the Shin-Yokohama downtown area Yokohama

Rugby World Cup 2019™, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics are held from 2019 through 2020 in Yokohama International Stadium. In Shin-Yokohama downtown area area around Yokohama International Stadium which many people visit from home and abroad, "environmentally-advanced city overflowing in flower and green" Yokohama develops approach that can realize in cooperation with ward station concerned.

The latest situation of each approach

Flower bed, flower tower hanging basket

During Rugby World Cup period, we install following flowers and green in planting zone and Shin-Yokohama station square park of roadside tree, Shin-Yokohama station square pedesutoriandekki and direct activeness.

  • 20 container flower beds reflecting the image of participation team
  • 21 container flower beds to color with flower
  • Eight new brick flower beds
  • Eight existing brick flower beds
  • Eight flower towers
  • 108 hanging baskets to direct in cooperation with Neighborhood Associations
  • 15 container flower beds with hanging

Image of container flower bed with hanging
Container flower bed with hanging

Tree planting as area predominated

Shin-Yokohama Neighborhood Associations predominated and formed "Shin-Yokohama Neighborhood Associations beautification Environment Department garden city Shin-Yokohama project team" and worked on conduct of wall surface tree planting to Shin-Yokohama square building. Make use of visibility with high wall surface tree planting, of bustle direction start.
In addition, we install container flower bed in private land and direct to become atmosphere that the whole town is rich in Midori.

Image of wall surface tree planting
Wall surface tree planting

Rain garden to draw rainwater, and to accumulate in

We installed different rain garden (※) of type in two places, F. Marinos Street in 16 places, each in 11 places, Shin-Yokohama Chuo-dori in stadium street.

(※) Flower bed to draw neighboring rainwater including road and the sidewalk into flower bed, and to accumulate temporarily, and to spend time, and to infiltrate

Image of rain garden
Rain garden

We utilize sewage reproduction water for watering to flower and green

We utilize sewage reproduction water (※) for watering to flower and green in area.

(※) The sewerage treatment water which performed the sewerage treatment in water reproduction center releases most to the sea and river, but we perform sand filtration or ozonation and use a part in many uses such as arranging scenery water, restroom lavation, trivial routine duties water as sewage reproduction water.
Sewage reproduction water to use for watering filters the sewerage treatment water in sand and sterilizes with ozone disinfection equipment after having further removed invisible small dirt.

Environment creation which can exceed heat

  • We fixed shape of a tree so that shade of a trees increased with roadside tree and carried out the pruning such as leaving a lot of branches. We shut out direct rays of the sun by making tree and plan relaxation of heat.
  • In cooperation with proof experiment of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we install summer heat mild facility of tunnel type and bench type in Shin-Yokohama station square park.
  • *netsuseihoso does the ground of the east gate bridge of Yokohama International Stadium and reduces heat caused by the reflected heat.

Images such as summer heat relaxation arches
Summer heat relaxation arches

Lighting LED of Yokohama International Stadium

  • We make lighting for competition LED and secure illumination that is necessary for standard of Rugby World Cup final venue. This makes possible direction of powerful lighting full of a sense of reality united with sound.
  • We realize about 35% of energy saving in comparison with existing lighting.
  • Light-up lighting of outside is made full color, and lighting with a variety of colors is enabled and comes to be able to show function as local Landmark attaching color to town by direction that expressed season.

Bustle with design manhole

  • We change the sewer manhole on the sidewalk of Shin-Yokohama Chuo-dori and arena street for 30 places, design manhole of Rugby World Cup 2019™ specifications. It is until the beginning of December during setting period.

Image of design manhole
Design manhole

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