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In the use of park

Park is thing of all. When we use park, let's use while considering other users enough!

Last update date April 1, 2019

"Use of freedom" and "the use that permission needs"

We greatly divide into the use form of park, and there are two kinds of "the free use" and "the use that is necessary permission". Child plays playground equipment, and it is "use of freedom" to take a walk, but it is for "the use that permission is necessary" about thing to monopolize park including athletic meet temporarily, and to use.
By this Q&A, we explain two use forms with concrete example.
*Specific example of "the use that permission needs": Athletic meet, disaster drill, Bon festival dance, meeting with rice cake

We return to common question of park

We would like opinion, inquiry about the use of individual park to each - greenery office, engineering works office of each ward.

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Telephone: 045-671-2642

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