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About way of thinking of correspondence to affect prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease in park which Yokohama-shi manages

Last update date August 14, 2020

Common opinion, question

 We are having many opinions about "new coronavirus infectious disease" approach from citizen's all of you now. It is sincere, and it accepts opinions that it had, and it reflects for future duties as much as possible, but it is the difficult situation that replies individually currently. Therefore, about thing with many similar opinions, we are released as "common opinion, question" sequentially and change to individual answer to opinions that had you put. We understand and would appreciate your understanding.

Common opinion, question (link)

About way of thinking of correspondence to affect park ※Until May 31, 2020

Based on "emergency declaration", it is said with the following correspondence about park which Yokohama-shi manages and park facility from Thursday, April 9, 2020 to Sunday, May 31.
For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

It is said that the free use such as walks in gardens of 1 park is possible.
Paid facilities of 2 indoor and outdoor facility assume closing and the use stop.
We do "the group use" that multipurpose open space that 3 management governing boards use and adjust is reserved and uses with stop. But it is said that use of freedom is possible.
About act in parks such as event holding that 4 Yokohama-shi admits, picture shooting, we call for cancellation (we will examine cancellation as needed).
Activity to attract plural numbers has you stop, and 5 park protection society activity will have watering to flower bed only as minimum activity.

In addition, in the case of use of freedom and minimum protection society activity, please carry out infection prophylaxis such as other users and securing distance above a certain level and mask wearing and a cough etiquette, hand-washing thoroughly.

As we cope based on the situation of infection spread to look after life and life of citizen's all of you in future, understanding and cooperation, please.

Contact information (link) of each park ranger (each ward engineering works office, greenery office)

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