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Nojimakoen (Kanazawa Ward)

Last update date March 8, 2019

Photograph of observation deck of Nojimakoen

The location: Nojimacho, Kanazawa-ku
Opening of the park: April, 1956 <multi-purpose park>
Area: 175,215 square meters

From seaside line "Nojimakoen" station a 5-minute walk

<parking lot>
The first parking lot (104): 24, Nojimacho, Kanazawa-ku
The second parking lot (52): 80, Otsutomocho, Kanazawa-ku
Room no bare wood ward temporary parking lot (170): 1, Mutsuurahigashi, Kanazawa-ku
As for rate and the business hours, please confirm page (the outside site) of the first parking lot, the second parking lot, room no bare wood ward temporary parking lot.

<barbecue ground, campground>
Reservation required
As for the details such as reservations, please see page (the outside site) of Nojimakoen barbecue ground.

Nojima known as "the Nojima glow of the sunset" that Hiroshige Andou described is said to be around this current park.
The shore of the front part of park seemed to be full of visitors of pleasure trip by landfill with designation name temple in the city only natural beach that was had while we were lost in the Edo era.
Huge base under the ground was built during World War II, but we received free loan of stack national land and we bought the adjacency private land and, based on plan of very much seaside park which Yokohama-shi put up soon after the war, maintained Okura, both ministries of construction and many negotiations from 1955.
To Nojima heap of old topography which just leaves characteristic, exercise open space, baseball field of the again circumference, the young people training center, campground are got close to observation deck as seaside recreation zone.
57 meters above sea level, Marine Park and Hakkeijima adjacent under eyes spread out, and observation deck can expect distance Tanzawa, mountain range and Boso Peninsula of Fuji on day when it was fine, and the glow of the sunset of Hiragata Bay can enjoy old days and beauty not to change.

  • Trash box is not installed in park. As for the garbage, I would like take-out respectively.
  • We cannot use fire including portable gas stove and barbecue stove in park.

Our park performs management by designated manager.

(Nojimakoen phone number: 045-781-8146)
We match homepage (the outside site) establishing in association of Midori, Yokohama-shi, and please see.

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