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Maioka Park (Totsuka Ward)

Last update date March 6, 2019

Scenery of Tando in garden

We can enjoy agriculture experience and natural observation in traditional rural scenery. Old folk house is restored, too.

The location: Maiokacho, Totsuka-ku
Opening of the park: December, 1992 <wide area park>
Area: 285,000 square meters

From municipal subway blue line "Maioka" station is a 25-minute walk to park entrance
From municipal subway blue line, JR "Tozuka" station Enoden bus Platform 8
It is a 1-minute walk to terminal getting off park entrance for "Keihin Electric Express new subdivision"
※Thing about Enoden bus Enoden group official site (the outside site),
Thing about shinnachu bus Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu homepage (the outside site),
You can see thing about municipal bus from City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau homepage (the outside site).

<parking lot>
119 pay
4374-1, Kaminagaya, Kounan-ku
As for the details such as rates, please see Maioka Park parking lot homepage (the outside site)

This park is located in about 1.5 kilometers of south of subway Maioka Station, center of one Maioka, Noba district of Motoichi "seven biggest base of green".
There are rich green and spring in park area while becoming has intense neighboring city, and traditional rural scenery which ran short is left even for the city.
We made use of the topography of Tando that was characteristic scenery of such environment and Yokohama, and citizen was maintained as park which could enjoy agriculture experience and nature observation in "scenery of hometown".
Participation in agriculture experiences such as walk, rest while we bear "oldness" or the making of rice field, field is park playing a key role of the use, but old folk house (the old Kanekos house central room) in the Meiji early days removes and builds as base of the use and is restored.
This old folk house was chosen as Yokohama-shi authorization landmark architecture of 1995.
In addition, Maioka district close against the north side of park is area of "Maioka hometown village", and leading problem and community development which we did are pushed forward by local activation by agriculture promotion.

  • Trash box is not installed in park. As for the garbage, I would like take-out respectively.
  • We cannot use fire including portable gas stove and barbecue stove in park.

We manage facilities such as old folk house, rice field in park by designated manager.
(village Phone number of Maioka Kotani door: 045-824-0107)
As for map or the event information in garden, please see homepage (the outside site) of village (nature, culture experience-based facility) of Maioka Park Kotani door which designated manager establishes.
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