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About business cancellation of outdoor pool (park pool) municipal in 2020

Last update date June 10, 2020

 We do business and, for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, should cancel about municipal outdoor pool this year.
 We have many people use outdoor pool of target Motoichi in usual, but security that we included heat stroke measures in does reliable environment with cancellation even if scene of "crowd" "closeness" is assumed in the use and it is facility where "crowd" "closeness" "sealing" occurs in parts of facility such as locker rooms and takes infection spread preventive measures as what we fix is difficult enough.
 I am very sorry to person looking forward to the outdoor pool, but would like one of understanding and cooperation.

● Cancellation period
 We cancel about business of all periods until around the beginning for from the beginning of July to September when we planned in 2020.

[reference] Business period of 2019
 Until from July 13, 2019 to September 1 (as for the Motomachi Park until September 8)

● Object

26 outdoor pools (park pool)
 Pool nameThe location          
1Shiota2-71, Mukaicho, Tsurumi-ku
2Kishiya 3-20, Kishiya, Tsurumi-ku
3Heian2-17-1, Heiancho, Tsurumi-ku
4Shirahatanakacho17, Shirahatanakacho, Kanagawa-ku
5Rokukakubashi6-1, Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku
6Okano2-9, Okano, Nishi-ku
7Motomachi1-77-4, Motomachi, Naka-ku
8Gumyoji244-5, Gumyojicho, Minami-ku
9Nakamura4-269-2, Nakamuracho, Minami-ku
10The Noba center613, Nobacho, Kounan-ku
11Riverside4-4, Kawabecho, Hodogaya-ku
12Tsurugaminehoncho1-16, Tsurugaminehoncho, Asahi-ku
13Onuki Valley4-35, Wakabadai, Asahi-ku
14Reed famous bridge2-15, Isogo, Isogo-ku
15Koshigoe, Isogo8-12, Isogo, Isogo-ku
16Mori-machi3-2, Mori, Isogo-ku
17Hiromitsu Tainan6-37, Yokoudai, Isogo-ku
18Yahata, Tomioka4-12, Tomiokahigashi, Kanazawa-ku
19Kikuna Pond1-8-1, Kikuna, Kouhoku-ku
20Tsunashima1, Tsunashimadai, Kouhoku-ku
21Chigusadai17-1, Chigusadai, Aoba-ku
22Chigasaki1-4, Chigasakiminami, Tsuzuki-ku
23Yamazaki4-19, Nakagawa, Tsuzuki-ku
24Great Sakashita2974-1, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
25shirayuri1-41, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku
26The Miyazawacho second1-58, Miyazawa, Seya-ku

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