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Last update date July 30, 2020

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Main approach

Traffic plan

We work on securing of promotion and public transport maintenance improvement of "Yokohama urban traffic plan" that we showed aim for overall transport policy to.

Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting

We hold "Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting" consisting of citizen, company, traffic company, administration to promote Yokohama urban traffic plan.

Traffic network maintenance

We work for improvement of railroad convenience in Yokohama-shi including maintenance of East Kanagawa area line and maintenance of Yokohama Station.

Station improvement, home fence maintenance

We become barrier-free of station and promote maintenance such as movable home fences to plan stability of civic safety and train scheduling in railroad station, further improvement of convenience.

Parking lot measures

We perform the parking lot method and parking lot measures including procedure and sightseeing bus, motorcycle based on the Yokohama-shi parking lot regulations.

Community cycle

Excursion-related improvement, sightseeing promotion, low carbon carry out community cycle business as approach to contribute to becoming in the Yokohama downtown area.

The mobility management

We pressure to work on switches from "life to depend on car for excessively" to "life to use bicycle, public transport moderately on foot".

Fact-finding (the Tokyo urban area person trip survey, supplies flow investigation) about traffic

In Tokyo urban area traffic plan meeting, we carry out investigation to grasp a person's movement and movement of thing each every ten years.

Various guide maps

Various guide map images

Please make use of this site to do trip to Yokohama comfortably. So that Yokohama visit becomes fantastic.

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