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Urban traffic section duties introduction

Last update date November 27, 2019

On April 1, 2009, "Planning Division parking lot charge" to perform parking lot administration or motorcycle measures "Planning Division comprehensive transport plan charge" to perform "railway business section" and development and person trip survey of Yokohama urban traffic plan that we adjusted Yokohama Station maintenance and East Kanagawa area line, railway business including station building improvement to was totalled with organization change, and "urban traffic section" was born newly.

Promotion of 1 general traffic policy

Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting image figure

We devised "Yokohama urban traffic plan" that we showed aim for the transport policy whole to in March, 2008 to support change of the times including surge of consciousness to the issue of global environment and transportation needs which diversified appropriately.
We hold "Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting" consisting of citizen, company, traffic company, administration to promote this plan and exchange opinions about way of thinking and cooperation policy to realize traffic and town development that "are eco-friendly with people" mainly on foot, bicycle, public transport.
In addition, we carry out "the mobility management" to promote voluntary switches from use of excessive car to use of public transport as one of the approaches of public transport utilization promotion.

Page of Yokohama urban traffic plan

Page of Yokohama-shi transport policy promotion meeting

Page of the mobility management

Securing of 2 area public transport maintenance improvement business

In Yokohama-shi, we work on business such as area public transport barrier cancellation promotion based on "securing of area public transport maintenance improvement business" that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism carries out support for promotion of security, maintenance, improvement of local public transport from 2011 and plan improvement in convenience of user.

Page of securing of local public transport maintenance improvement business

3 railroad pipelaying

Council for transport policy report of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism works on railroad plan of Motoichi about "the way of future city railroad in Tokyo metropolitan area" based on (April, 2016).
As project to contribute to improvement of railroad network depending on local growth, it is placed extension of high-speed railway Route 3, Yokohama ring form railroad, freight and passengers combination of Tokaido freight branch line making.

As for the role of railroad, it is very big thing in fixing the eyes on the arrival of super-aged society and future population decline society, and anyone realizing sustainable traffic that is easy to move, and pushing forward the making of low carbon-shaped city with compact around railroad station.
We fix our eyes on changes of such social conditions and aim at "reinforcement of city infrastructure by improvement of traffic network" advocating in "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2014-2017" and examine industrialization while standing on traffic networks which are broad-based about plan lines such as extension of high-speed railway Route 3.

Page of railroad plan in Yokohama-shi

4 East Kanagawa area line maintenance business

(1) Business purpose, summary

We maintain "Sotetsu, Tokyu direct line" to connect to Tokyu Line at Toukyu Toyoko Line, Meguro Line Hiyoshi Station via Shin-Yokohama Station near "line running in JR Tokaido goods line direct to Sotetsu, JR" and JR Tokaido goods line Yokohama-Hazawa Station near JR Tokaido goods line Yokohama-Hazawa Station from Sotetsu Main Line Nishiya Station, and "East Kanagawa area line" performs Sotetsu Line and JR line, mutual extension operation with Tokyu Line.
This business pushes forward city train service as business in special delivery inclination based on the convenience increase method, and Yokohama-shi Western Province and Kanagawa prefecture center region and special delivery-related improvement with the Tokyo downtown area and the formation of wide area railroad network are planned.

(2) Scheme of business

Scheme of business

Based on the convenience increase method, country and local public entity assist by 1/3 of operating cost and the maintenance main constituent recruits 1/3 remainder by oneself and maintains city railroads. The business (service) main constituent is driven by maintenance and pays the facility fee for use and, after facility completion, travels.

■Figure of line summary

Figure of East Kanagawa area track line summary

Page of East Kanagawa area line maintenance business

5 Toyoko Line ruins maintenance business

In Higashi-Hakuraku Station - Yokohama Station interval of Toyoko Line, it was become basement by mutual extension operation with Minato Mirai Line and Toukyu Toyoko Line, and, in Yokohama Station - Sakuragicho Station interval, it was in abolished line. In the section, maintenance is completed as city park (park), and, in abolished railroad section interval and, basement intends to regenerate ruins that we produced with that for excursion-related improvement in the Yokohama downtown area and local activation as promenade (road) and pushes forward examination and maintenance.

○Basement section (Higashi-Hakuraku Station - Yokohama Station interval)

Toyoko flower city park

We maintained as "city park" (park) to form Mitsuzawa murmuring city park in the outskirts, river murmuring city park of waterfall, way of Kanagawa accommodation history and network of promenade and opened.

About 14,000m2 in area
Extension about 1.4km
Width about 10-20m

○Abolished railroad section interval (Yokohama Station - Sakuragicho Station interval)

Sakuragicho West Exit station square
Abolished railroad sections "Sakuragicho Station West Exit open space" opening (the outside site)
(July 16, 2014)

On the basis of reproducing as excursion-related improvement in the Yokohama downtown area and "promenade" to activate area, we push forward examination and maintenance.
About point intersecting existing road, we establish going up and down facilities such as stairs to plan neighboring access reinforcement with district and plan improvement of convenience.
In addition, profits of upper maintenance contents and former station building, underpass space consider about utilizing widely to become attractive facility welcomed by citizen.

About 13,000m2 in area
Extension about 1.8km
Width about 7-10m

Page of Toyoko Line ruins maintenance business

6 Minato Mirai Line

(1) Business purpose, summary

Minato Mirai Line

It links Minato Mirai 21 district and around Yokohama Station district, each district of the Yokohama downtown area including Kannai-District, and Minato Mirai Line improves excursion characteristics and plans development of the whole Yokohama downtown area, and, in March, 2013, Seibu Yurakucho Line, Ikebukuro Line, Tobu Tojo Line are connected directly via Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line. The Yokohama downtown area becomes more imminent, and increase of person from next towns such as shopping or recreation visitor is expected for people of wide range of metropolitan area. For the future, it becomes important line contributing to activation of Yokohama-shi.

(2) Operating cost, the results

Extension about 4.1km
Total operating cost about 260 billion yen (Yokohama - Motomachi-Chukagai)
Fare basic fare district 180 yen (adult, one way)
An average of about 198,000 use situation 1st (2015)

(3) Main process

We report in the Transport Policy Council in 1985
1988 Yokohama Minatomirai Railway establishment
Kind railway business qualification first in 1990
1992 construction start
The February 1, 2004 Minato Mirai Line (Yokohama - Motomachi-Chukagai) opening of business

●Page of Minato Mirai Line

7 Kodomonokuni Line

(1) Business purpose, summary

Kodomonokuni Line which linked Nagatsuta Station - Kodomonokuni Station traveled as access means to Kodomonokuni in total in opening hours of Kodomonokuni since 1967, but request of making was provided commuting line by inhabitants along the line to use in commuting, attending school time. Therefore, in addition to expansion of service time and increase of the service number, commuting line such as setting of Onda Station or improvement of Nagatsuta Station went ahead through business to improve traffic convenience along the line, and commuting line realized making from March 29, 2000.

(2) Main process

It is requested commuting line in 1977
February, 1997 construction start
March, 2000 commuting line

・The third kind railway company: Yokohama Minatomirai Railway (facility possession)
・The second kind railway company: Tokyu Corporation (service management)

Kodomonokuni Line
Kodomonokuni Line Nagatsuta Station

Image of Kodomonokuni Line route map
Kodomonokuni Line route map

Page of Kodomonokuni Line

8 JR Kannai-sta.-kitaguchi maintenance business

We make JR Kannai Station barrier-free and we maintain child-care facility at station and improve the north exit station building. We establish "JR Kannai-sta.-kitaguchi maintenance meeting" becoming driven by business of station building improvement business on October 21, 2011 and push forward business aiming at completion of 2018. In addition, Yokohama-shi is the secretariat of meeting.

Page of JR Kannai-sta.-kitaguchi maintenance business

9 JR NEGISHI LINE Ishikawa-sho Sta. south exit barrier-free maintenance business

The Ishikawacho Station north exit (Chinatown Exit) is made barrier-free in 2006, but the south exit (Motomachi mouth) does not have elevator and there are stairs between wicket floor and front road and is not made barrier-free.
Because, in Ishikawacho Station, the north exit and the south exit are divided in middle Murakawa, of 2 route eyes push forward business by being barrier-free, and Motoichi and country issuing subsidy to JR East as business.
We start construction in 2016, and service of barrier-free facility in 2017 plans to begin.

Page of JR NEGISHI LINE Ishikawa-sho Sta. south exit barrier-free maintenance business

Maintenance business such as 10 railroad station buildings movable home fences

We perform support by subsidy grant for maintenance such as movable home fences of railway company in Urban Development Bureau from 2014.
In 2014, we issued subsidy for movable home fence setting of Toyoko Line, Minato Mirai Line Yokohama Station.
In 2015, we issued subsidy at Sotetsu Line Yokohama Station (Platform 3), Toyoko Line Kikuna Station (downhill platform).
Of stations more than 100,000 in after 2016 number of users and visually impaired in the outskirts, targeting at stations with the use facility, support based on application from company sequentially.

Pages of maintenance business such as railroad station building movable home fences

11 parking lots measures

Including accumulation place of commerce, duties facility including the downtown area of Yokohama, to plan solution to issue of parking lot of the whole city limits,
1 parking lot method, instruction, adjustment about parking lot maintenance based on Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law
Jurisdiction of 2 Yokohama-shi parking lot regulations (February, 2016 revision, the March of the year enforcement)
Measures such as management administration of 3 community parking lots
Promotion of effectively utilizing of 4 existing parking lots
5 downtown area sightseeing buses measures
6 motorcycle parking lots measures
We go to nadoo.

<parking lot maintenance district>
As district where auto traffic is congested remarkably, we set of city planning in 6 next districts based on parking lot method Article 3 Paragraph 1 and Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 8 Paragraph 1.

Parking lot maintenance district
DistrictTarget area
Civic center (Yokohama Station, Minato Mirai 21 district and the Kannai-District outskirts)About 755ha
District in northern Shin-YokohamaAbout 85ha
The best district in Kohoku new subdivisionAbout 28ha
Kohoku new subdivision second districtAbout 45ha
Around Totsuka Station districtAbout 14ha
Around Kami-Ooka Station districtAbout 21ha

Page of parking lot measures

12 community cycles business

In Yokohama-shi, the downtown area activation, sightseeing promotion and low carbon enforce "Yokohama downtown area community cycle business baybike" in April, 2014 as approach that contributed to becoming. By collaboration with docomo motorcycle share, it unfolds aiming at further excursion characteristics and improvement of convenience.

Page of Yokohama downtown area community cycle business

13 Tokyo urban area person trip surveys, supplies flow investigation

As place examining broad-based transport policy across capital prefecture, Tokyo urban area traffic plan meeting is installed in capital prefecture, ordinance-designated city in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba and South Ibaraki (Tokyo urban area) and the related organizations.
As traffic fact-finding that paid its attention to a person's movement, we carry out person trip survey until now and, also, in this meeting, carry out supplies flow investigation that paid its attention to movement of thing and movement of truck in conjunction with that in addition regularly.

Not only meeting is used to examine the way of future transit system, but also findings is loaned out for public bodies in country and urban area and is utilized for various examination.
Person trip survey carried out the sixth investigation in 2018 and gathered summary of count result.
The supplies flow investigation carried out the fifth investigation in 2013.

Page of the Tokyo urban area person trip survey, supplies flow investigation

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