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Fact-finding (the person trip survey, supplies flow investigation) about traffic

Last update date November 27, 2019

Person trip survey is investigation to grasp weekday one-day movement of a certain person about contents about a person's movement.
We pay our attention to "thing", and the supplies flow investigation is investigation to grasp the movement and movement of truck in conjunction with that mainly.

Person trip survey

About count result summary of the sixth Tokyo urban area person trip survey

We carried out "the sixth Tokyo urban area person trip survey" to investigate "a person's movement" from September through November in 2018, and summary of count result of survey data was gathered up.
In conduct, I received answer from about 310,000 (in Yokohama-shi about 35,000) people. Thank you very much for cooperating with investigation eligible people.

Summary of count result

Public announcement of survey data

The supplies flow investigation

We carried out "the fifth Tokyo urban area supplies flow investigation" in 2014 from 2013 to examine general urban traffic plan and performed the actual situation grasp of distribution.

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