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To where microbus vehicle is rented

Last update date July 23, 2019

Arrangement of microbus with driver will use motor carrier which received permission of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

  • Microbus of "private car" with driver is service to violate Road Transport Act called so-called "white bus". Let's leave that we use.
  • Regular microbus of motor carrier (reserved bus company) which received permission of Road Transport Act has "green number".
  • Authorized reservations bus company is obliged to carry out grant of dossiers such as "transport undertaking book" or "receipt". Contract by mouth answer is service to violate law.

Microbus of rent-a-car does not have driver.

  • It is possible only to borrow car from car rental agency.
  • (※). which the user who leased car when we borrow rent-a-car must operate
(※) The user who leased car can ask other people for driving for own intention, but it is necessary to report this case, full name of people who actually run to car rental agency beforehand.
  • Service that rent-a-car and driver are donated to integrally is service to violate law called so-called "white bus". Let's leave that we use.
  • In addition, we cannot have people who asked for driving arrange rent-a-car.

When we are in an accident using illegal "white bus", there may not be application of insurance.

  • Using illegal "white bus", there is case that the user must bear tolls such as treatment costs in full by any chance without appropriate compensation for damages being accomplished when we are in an accident and get injured.

For details, please refer to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kanto Department of Transportation Kanagawa transportation branch office transportation charge (045-939-6801).
To "where microbus vehicle is rented" Kanto Department of Transportation flyer (PDF: 51KB)

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