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About attachment installations of bicycle parking lot

Last update date June 9, 2020


About move of window

Road and Highway Bureau road safety, bicycle policy section, please be careful on the next agency to move to new city hall the 22nd floor on Monday, June 8.
In addition, we stop the next agency reservations such as prior consultation for move work on Friday, June 5 on Thursday, June 4.
In addition, please be careful as Phone number in charge of attachment installation duty is changed in 045-671-3644.
Yokohama-shi government building move information
Please let know by the day before not to have possibilities to cope when we do not have reservation beforehand in the case of the next agency.

About the window system for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

 In addition, with emergency declaration having new coronavirus infectious disease, we will cope with reception desk by mail for correspondence at conventional window about procedure of prior consultation of the regulations about attachment installations of Yokohama-shi bicycle parking lot and report from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread for the time being.
 For more details, "about the window system for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention (regulations (PDF about attachment installations of Yokohama-shi bicycle parking lot, please confirm 177KB).


When new construction or facility enlarging a building comes under next, you have you read "guide" (PDF: 812KB), and please confirm whether you are targeted for attachment installation duty of bicycle parking lot.

  • When we build 300 square meters or more things or, in pulling in customers facility, the facility area of the building enlarges a building
  • When we build ten houses, room or more things or, in apartment houses, the total number of dwelling units enlarges a building

In Motoichi, we performed maintenance of municipal bicycle parking lot or moving work of illegally parked bicycle based on "the regulations about illegally parked prevention such as Yokohama-shi bicycles" that we established as illegally parked bicycle measures in 1985.
In this way, the situation of illegally parked bicycle around the station had been greatly improved, but illegally parked bicycle of a part which still used stores by shopping in area became problem. You should maintain bicycle parking lot (you say "bicycle parking lots" as follows.) which visitor to stores uses on pulling in customers facility side. In addition, about apartment house, there was the situation that bicycle was left around apartments.
Therefore we established the regulations to oblige to attachment installation of bicycle parking lots when we built pulling in customers facility which produced bicycle parking demand for maintenance of securing of comfortable pedestrian environment, facilitation of traffic and good cityscape by security and apartment house or we enlarged a building.

With attachment installation duty of bicycle parking lot

When you build pulling in customers facility (game center, retail store, restaurant, sports facility, bank, hospital) causing a large quantity of parking demand for bicycle which is higher than constant scale and apartment house or you enlarge a building in designated area established in "the regulations (we say "the regulations" as follows) about attachment installations of Yokohama-shi bicycle parking lot", you must install bicycle parking lot where installers of facility are number that they calculated according to standard set of the site (possible walk distance from site of facility at place within about 50 meters about pulling in customers facility) in the regulations or more.

Object of attachment installation duty
Area that is targeted for attachment installation duty
(designated area)
Area designated for urbanization in the Town Planning and Zoning Act
Attachment installation duty eligible people
(scholar of report of setting)

Installer (owner) of target facility
Installer means owner of the building concerned, and people having the right of lease, use debt right are not included. (person who, in the case of corporation, has the power of representation)
When consultants receive business consignment and push forward procedure, please begin procedure after getting the consent of building installer by all means.

Act that is targeted for attachment installation dutyAfter April 1, 2019 (application day),
  • New construction
  • The enlargement

In building performing building certification application (or plan, and notify) of this, setting of bicycle parking lot is required.
If construction does not start before April 1, 2021 even if we notified of building certification application of new construction or the enlargement or plan before the application day, setting of bicycle parking lot is required.

Facility which constructs before the application day, and started asks for setting of bicycle parking lot for user or resident.

Prior consultation

New construction or facility enlarging a building is targeted for attachment installation duty of bicycle parking lot or can talk about whether you calculate attachment installation duty number precisely.
When we plan submission of registration form, I would like prior consultation by all means.
Please see "guide" about flow of procedure.

Documents which we will offer at the time of prior consultation

  • Figure of each floor plane plan of facility including bicycle parking lot
  • Multiplication itemized statement (except apartment house) of assumption facility area
  • Calculation check (except apartment house) of scale of bicycle parking lot by estimate

※When we found large-scale retail store (more than store 10,000 square meters in area), procedure based on "Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law" and "Yokohama-shi Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law operation summary" is necessary separately, and setting by "Yokohama-shi Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law operation standard" is demanded.

Please confirm detailed procedure about Large-Scale Retail Stores Location Law on homepage of Economic Affairs Bureau commerce promotion section.

Report styles

Exception of attachment installation duty number

In the area to set with 2 of regulations enforcement regulations Article 3, number that multiplied a half by attachment installation duty number that we calculated based on the regulations separate table first separate table second becomes attachment installation duty number in the area concerned. In addition, this exception is applied only for pulling in customers facility.
Area (PDF: 315KB) where exception is applied to


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