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About bicycle policy of Yokohama-shi

Last update date January 27, 2020

Process of illegally parked bicycle measures of Yokohama-shi

In the 50, Showa generation, illegally parked bicycle became problem from sudden increase of use of bicycle nationwide and began examination of solution in Yokohama-shi.
At first, we carried out model district activity for from 1983 to 1959. This set model one ward of 1 station station and performed activity for the regulations establishment including movement of public information enlightenment and long-term illegally parked bicycle with the cooperation of local resident. After these activities, we established the illegally parked prevention regulations in 1985 and appointed 36 Station of 14 stations in total in leaving prohibition area 22 stations in November in October of the year and started business.

Summary of the regulations

  1. Name: The regulations (the outside site) about illegally parked prevention such as Yokohama-shi bicycles
  2. The promulgation: April 5, 1985
  3. The enforcement: October 1, 1985
  4. Contents:
  • Instruction enlightenment of appropriate parking methods such as bicycles
  • Designation of illegally parked prohibition area such as bicycles
  • Movement, storage, return of illegally parked bicycle
  • Conduct of maintenance of bicycle parking lot and charge
  • Upbringing of private bicycle parking lot
  • Promotion of duty of the person concerned

Maintenance of bicycle parking lot

In Yokohama-shi, we maintained municipal bicycle parking lot of about 100,000 accommodation number for traffic environment maintenance that was easy to use illegally parked bicycle measures and bicycle so far. In addition, we carried out some assistance to maintenance costs business to private business person and pushed forward bicycle parking measures.
Furthermore, when we build pulling in customers facility producing parking demand for bicycle as parking measures of bicycle which residents such as visitor or apartment house to stores use and apartment house or we enlarge a building, we establish the regulations to oblige to attachment installation of bicycle parking lot in 2018 and promote bicycle parking lot setting of the appropriate accommodation number.
Page of municipal bicycle parking lot usage guidance
Page of private bicycle parking lot maintenance costs assistance business
Page about attachment installations of bicycle parking lot

Movement of illegally parked bicycle, storage, return

Illegally parked bicycles appoint around each station in the city in prohibition area and move left bicycle and motorcycle.
Movement of illegally parked bicycle, motorcycle, page about storage, return

Promotion of bicycle utilization

⾃ change ⾞ has little load to environment and is ⾝ close na vehicle with convenience to lead to health promotion. Based on trend of country or plan to be related, we devised "Yokohama-shi ⾃ change ⾞ live ⽤ promotion plan" in March, 2019 to plan security of person from ⾃ change ⾞, ho ⾏ twin ⽅ in Yokohama-shi, and to promote ⽣ live o ⾃ change ⾞ live ⽤ in viewpoint to do wealthily.
Based on this plan, ⽬ points at bustle and town development with excursion characteristics and pushes forward ⾃ change ⾞ environment creation that anyone does cheap ⼼ and can enjoy comfortably until kara leisure when ⽇ is the way goes.
Bicycle utilization promotion plan page
We established site that introduced approach of bicycle utilization of Yokohama-shi in March, 2019. We publish bicycle-related event, bicycle and health, bicycle and sightseeing, bicycle map.
Yokohama-shi bicycle life portal site By Cycle Yokohama (the outside site)

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