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Audiovisual materials rental

Last update date February 18, 2020

The city public office performs free rental of DVD targeting at the staff of public group, member of each city group and workers of the city office to promote enlightenment of road safety awareness.
Lists of audiovisual materials are as follows.
In addition, please read following "we ask "road safety audiovisual materials use point" in the use" well when you use.



Picture-story show

With B4 size (257 X 364) box
The cardboard color printing

Rental methods

Reservation method

Please make a reservation on the telephone after deciding number of DVD borrowing to two.
It is principle one week during rental period.

Rental method

In the case of principle, rental, return, please do the next agency directly to our section.
We ask our section for the next agency return that we do to prevent damage, but are doing return by mail for trying when the next agency is difficult if possible.
But we may have you compensate when it was damaged because it is expensive thing.
Rental, return such as picture software is in from Monday to Friday (8:45-17:15), please.
In addition, please submit the use report at the time of return.
In addition, please confirm to charge by all means when return by mail is hoped for when you borrow.

When we use Japan Post Service Co., Ltd.

1.We put together in date of return and can appoint the date and time.
2.There is postal chase service, and fear of loss is reduced, too.
3.There is notice of delivery service, and it turns out that it was surely returned.
4.There is compensation for damages, and compensation of the amount of actual loss (to 300,000 yen) is done.
※You give features of Yu-Pack, but please confirm the details directly in Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. as you may be changed.
※We do not mind even mail except Japan Post Service Co., Ltd., but I would like packing using packing for protection by all means.

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