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Rental of costume

Last update date August 15, 2019


After use, return after drying well.
When we are damaged remarkably, the laundry, please.
In addition, please repair after Road and Highway Bureau road safety, bicycle policy section and meeting when you are damaged
At the time of the rain, please refrain from outdoor use just after the rain.
Use for the purpose of profit is not accepted.

We come and see conspiracy

Costume [Ken] profile

  • Character mildness
  • Age 7 years old
  • Favorite color pink
  • Favorite food cream puff
  • Favorite play jump rope

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Road and Highway Bureau General Affairs Department road safety, bicycle policy section

Telephone: 045-671-2323

Telephone: 045-671-2323

Fax: 045-663-6868

E-Mail address [email protected]

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