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Infant road safety education video

Last update date June 8, 2020

We understand teachers of kindergarten, nursery school, basic traffic rules for protectors and are instruction contents to come to be able to walk safely.
In the main story, we establish time to think for the making of several times with opportunity when we come to be able to act voluntarily by "letting the child think about answer" saying "let's be careful from oneself" and push forward while stopping, and hearing "thought" of child "thought".
For "instruction to allow infant to act safely", you can make use at the inside of childcare and home.

1.How to walk road

With this video, we introduce about "right how to walk" road with road and the sidewalk, road with gore area, road without gore area.

2.Promise of road

"Promise of signal" passes of crossing, and, with this video, "it introduces about".

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