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Car seat which keeps security of child

Last update date September 1, 2020

 Figure of child and figures of adult are greatly different, and it cannot be said in protecting the body of child in the case of traffic accident with seat belt of car made for adults with ten minutes. Car seat is device necessary to protect the body of child from shock by traffic accident.
 However, utilization of the whole country average of the whole under 6 years old stops to 70.5% with it is result of national investigation of the use of car seat situation which National Police Agency and Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) jointly enforced on June 1, 2019 to June 16.
 In addition, among attached car seats, ratio that was able to let infant make sitting among infants who used 47.6%, car seat as for the appropriate ratio that we were able to get appropriately was 42.2%.
 It attaches car seat definitely, and it leads to security of child to let you sit down appropriately.

Type of car seat

 Car seat is for newborn baby, baby/infant (baby sheet) and is for infant (car seat), and there are three types of (the youth sheet) that it is for schoolchild, and it is necessary to use properly for growth of child in total. Please choose thing which fitted build of child.

It is for newborn baby, infants (baby sheet)

Less than 10 kilograms in weight
70 centimeters tall or less
From age 0 years old to around 1 year old


  1. Design (there is thing to install sideways with some beds type.) is considered to be to install backward so that baby/infant that frames are undeveloped is supported with the whole body from the head to back. You must not install forward.
  2. Because air bag is generally equipped passenger seat with, when air bag swelled out, air bag is the back of car seat and is very dangerous. Please install in rear seat behind driver's seat or passenger seat (you remove vehicle with device which can stop the operation of air bag without the equipment for passenger seat air bag.).

It is for infant (car seat)

From the weight 9 to 18 kilograms
100 centimeters or less from height 65
From age 1 year old to around 4 years old


  1. If neck of infant sits down and becomes able to sit down by oneself, we use.
  2. Car seat for infant sets up forward.

It is for schoolchild (the youth sheet)

From the weight 15 to 36 kilograms
135 centimeters tall or less
From age 4 years old to around 10 years old


  1. Use duty of car seat applies to infants under 6, but will still use the youth seat for small child of body in laws and ordinances even if age exceeds 6 years old as for the seat belt to work effective for figures about 140cm tall or more.
  2. Standard that can use the youth sheet without the back becomes 22 kg in weight, 125cm tall and is after. When you do not reach standard, please use the youth seat which headrest and the back were installed in.

Please choose safe car seat

 Current safety standards "ECE R44/04" was enforced on October 1, 2006 and, after run-up, was completely applied on July 1, 2012.
 Sale was possible and, until June, 2012, added car seat of old standard to thing which received the authorization in the country, and Europe and thing of American standard were sold, but were able to sell only thing which received the authorization in standard that was new in after July, 2012.
 As for the car seat which cleared standard, E mark such as the chart below becomes mark.
 In addition, latest security rule R129 is adopted and will be authorized according to safety standards of R129 now in future.

    (from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism homepage)

 There is not legal regulation for car seat of old standard (own mark) you have anymore, but it is to thing that evaluation of higher security performance was met as for the car seat which cleared current standard.

    (from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism homepage)

We install car seat definitely

 Fixed method of car seat includes "seat belt fixed expression" saying "ISO-FIX (Aiso fix) is rigid". We read manual carefully, and let's establish all definitely.
 Conventionally, most were seat belt fixed expressions, and a lot of use by wrong installation might not show original security performance. Therefore ISO-FIX fixation-style type which fixed seat and car seat on the car side came to be marketed by common attachment.
 ISO-FIX common attachment for car seat is equipped car (less than ten ride capacity) sold newly after July, 2012 with. (there is car model that is equipped car before July, 2012 with.)
 It is said that ISO-FIX car seat has fewer errors at the time of installation than type to fix to seat using seat belt of car because installation is easy.


Car seat which adapted to your car

 All car seats are not attached to all cars. We confirm whether we are attached in reference to "car seat conformity table according to car model" given by manufacturers, and let's choose adapted car seat as your car.

As far as setting of car seat is possible; in rear seat

 When air bag is generally equipped passenger seat with and operates, shock is very greatly dangerous. When we attach car seat to passenger seat, we slide seat behind as possible, and let's reduce shock from air bag out of necessity.
※ As previously described, you must not attach newborn baby, (baby sheet) that it is for baby/infant which you must install backward to passenger seat.

Without forgetting adjustment of shoulder belt

 Please go without forgetting adjustment of shoulder belt if we let we install car seat, and child sit down. When shoulder belt loosens, child steals out of car seat and is in danger of shoulder belt hanging over neck, and having injury. 
 In addition, we may unclothe when we wear thick coats so that body adheres to car seat.

We are careful about burns

 The car seat body, buckle, metal fittings part of belt may become hot at the time of parking under hot weather. When we let child sit down, we touch all parts, and let's confirm.

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