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How to choose car seats & installation

Last update date August 19, 2019

Why will car seat use?
There will be a lot of people to include reason that law requires.
However, it means that we use the best reason as device necessary to protect the body of child from shock by accident. As figure of child and figures of adult are greatly different, we cannot protect the body from danger with seat belt of car. Therefore it is necessary to use car seat until it is in figure that seat belt of car is usable even if over 6 years old establishing in law. At first, not "duty", please understand the major premise using because "you are necessary".
When we attach car seat here with case to choose, we will introduce point that you should be careful about.

Car seat character: gachapyon

It was stipulated with (3 Paragraph 4 of coming and going method Article 71) that "let infants without auxiliary equipment (so-called car seat) for infant under 6 take car driver, and must not drive car" on April 1, 2000 by revision of Road Traffic Act of the enforcement.
In this way, use of car seat was required (when we violate, it is added one point basic score).

Point when we choose

Car seat is not chair for child. Like seat belt and air bag, it is important to have consciousness to be "safety device" necessary to protect child for accident of emergency.

We clear 1 safety standards

To product passing safety standards by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, format finger (mitome) constant mark is displayed.

Format authorized mark
(new format designated mark)

New standard is enforced in January, 2000 (Heisei 12), and safety standards about car seat call generally, and they are shared with "old standard" "new standard" after this. "New standard" becomes severer standard, and this is recommended in meaning called safety.
As only product adapting to "new standard" is produced from January, 2003, product of "new standard" will occupy the mainstream in future. "2003 new standard" to be said in markets refers to this commonly.
In addition, American FMVSSNo213, European ECER44 are marks of car seat that conformity in Japan was accepted.

(reference) About 2003 car seat assessment (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) (the outside site)
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (the outside site) and automobile accident measures center examine about safe performance of commercial car seat as part of car assessment from 2001 and announce the result.

It matches build of 2 children

Car seat classifies roughly, and there are three types for schoolchild for infant for baby/infant. It is necessary to choose thing which fitted build of child.

Seat for baby/infant

(1) The one for baby/infant
・It is around 1 year old from newborn baby
・70cm tall or less
・Less than 10 kg in weight
There are bed type and seat-shaped thing to attach backward.

Seat for infant

(2) The one for infant
・1 year old - around 4 years old
・100cm tall or less
・Around 9-18 kg in weight
It is chair-shaped seat referred to car seat in meaning of so-called narrow sense.

Seat for schoolchild

(3) The one for schoolchild
・4 years old - around 10 years old
・135cm tall or less
・Around 15-36 kg in weight
Belt fixing body revises height using seat belt of car mainly.

In addition, combined use type usable for a long time such as infants combined use, infant, schoolchild combined use is made, but attention is necessary for ranges such as age to cope by product as there is a few difference.

It matches seat of 3 cars

Type of car seat is abundant, too, but shape of car varies by car model, too. We may not attach even if we purchase car seat with much effort. You should purchase after having you advise at store, or trying on.
In addition, depending on maker of car seat and car, please confirm as there is place preparing "conformity list" for each car model on homepage.

Thing that 4 installation is easy

Car seat will choose thing which is easily as possible attached. It is vital to choose thing which is not so heavy.
Far from not functioning if there are any mistakes for installation in case anything happens, it can be in thing falling into the dangerous situation. In addition, car seat is not the circumstance to be the much more same if we attach once. Slack occurs and may have to take off for securing of seat of adult. For installation of time when take, become just just troublesome, and is irresponsible; can be attached.
There is world general standard (we read with ISOFIX = "aisofikusu") type of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) which we can fix in one-touch recently. But it should be talked about whether your car is corresponding car with stores of purchase after the investigation as car must support ISOFIX for installation.
In addition, it may be good to check whether car model examining supports ISOFIX if we are going to purchase new car.

5 or other points

There are other following points when we choose car seat. When possible, it is place that we want to check.
(1) Back and high side support are enough (to protect head and neck)
(2) Position of bearing surface is low, and the base product is big; solid-looking thing
(3) Cushion and cover are removable and can wash

Point when we attach

We read 1 instruction manual carefully

It is natural story, but we read instruction manual attached to car seat which we purchased carefully, and there is not oversight, or let's warn procedure of installation.
Car seat follows command of child. You must refrain from easy installation very much.
It is different in the right side and the wrong side of clip to forget using attached fixation metal fittings (rocking clip) different in position to put seat belt through by differences of direction attaching even the same seat and has flabby seat belt with is easy to get up by not having read instruction manual carefully, being wrong is, for example, combined use type and includes.

We choose place attaching 2

Seat which is the safest in the inside of car is backseat.
It may be difficult to attach car seat to backseat, but it is inconvenient to some extent and, after all, in the case of two-door car, should attach to backseat when we think about security of child.
We say that the back of driver's seat is the well safest, but do not make a great difference behind passenger seat either. Rather interval with front seat sheet does on side produced most widely and should focus on position that it is easy to attach.
In addition, in the case of car of three lines sheet type, it is said that the second row is safer than the last line.
You should avoid attaching car seat to passenger seat with air bag.
When air bag operated by shock to put in car seat for baby/infant in particular backward, you must never avoid as there is the risk knocked down momentarily.
It is necessary to lower passenger seat sheet behind as possible not to receive the operation of air bag directly when we attach car seat for forward infant out of necessity.

We fix 3 well

We are as follows when we give point that you must be careful about when you fix along procedure of installation.
(1) We put seat belt through position that is right not to be twisted.
(2) We use attached parts (rocking clips) definitely.
(3) We take the slack of seat belt.
(4) Furthermore, we take the weight and fix well. (POINT1)

If width that changed when we pulled the back of car seat which we attached with all one's might is 3 centimeters or less, we pass.

We pick up 4 children

If we do not use even if we attach very well and cannot attach to child definitely, it is in thing same as what we do not attach.
(1) We let child sit down on seat definitely by all means even soon. (POINT2)
(2) We take break diligently. We play a game with adult of fellow passenger and keep pleasant drive in mind.
・We regulate position of harness (shoulder belt) definitely.
As it is different in height of hole through harness, by build and forward difference getting backward, it is necessary to adjust to growth of child diligently in total.
・We take the slack of harness (shoulder belt).
Rank where 1-2 fingers enter of adult is suitable for slack of harness.
・We avoid wearing thick clothes of child.
As harness does not stop for wearing thick clothes properly, and there is danger that belt gets loose, and body jumps out, we stop harness in state of light clothes and hang blanket and jacket from the top.
・We are careful about burns of metal moiety including buckle caused by direct rays of the sun.

We confirm 5

We actually think that it may become uneasy only in you whether you were really attached definitely in this after having attached. How about checking by the following method in such a case?
(1) We ask local instructor.
(2) We participate in collecting how to put car seats lesson.
(3) We watch using rental of videos.
(reference) Association of Yokohama-shi road safety (the outside site)
In association of Yokohama-shi road safety, please feel free to contact in helping when it is like the above.
Please can contact the next group for person who is interested in car seat instructor.
(reference) Association of Yokohama-shi road safety (the outside site)
Association of Nihon Kotsu safety education spread (the outside site)

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