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Duties of violation measures section

We violate and correct and, in violation measures section, instruct for violation of the following laws and ordinances. In addition, we violate generally and take measures including partly local patrol for the purpose of activity and early detection to prevent through public information.

Last update date March 26, 2019

Violation measures section duties grounds laws and ordinances

  • Building Standard Act
  • The Town Planning and Zoning Act
  • The regulation methods such as residential land development
  • The Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations
  • Law (the barrier-free method) about promotion of facilitation such as movement such as elderly person, person with a disability
  • The regulations (the basement apartment regulations) about limits of construction of basement building in Yokohama-shi graded land of Yokohama-shi and development
  • Staying in house business method Article 6

Three policies of violation measures section

We do not let you violate (we prevent and press-agent and enlighten)

  • Enlightenment of maintenance of fire prevention door by fire prevention door sticker distribution
  • It is prevented violation architecture by arranging dispatch of leaflet which we turned to toward, the company of citizen

We do not overlook violation (early detection, early correction)

  • Demand of early detection and completion inspection examination of violation by patrol to article of examination of completion non-undergoing an examination that we matched in violation building prevention week
  • Enlightenment of maintenance that narrow matches, and setback part by patrol of road is appropriate

We do not permit violation (model correction instruction oriented to safety)

  • Correction instruction that focused on safe security to protect citizen's life, health and property from danger of disasters such as fire or landslide
  • For protection of third party of good will in the real estate transactions concerned, we publish information about building and land developed for housing which performed administrative action

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