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"River of Yokohama" brochure

We issued "river of Yokohama" brochure to have business outline of summary and river repair, citizen's all of the rivers which flowed through the Yokohama city know river of Yokohama widely.

Last update date March 6, 2020

[downloading, publication contents of brochure]

↓Collective downloading↓
A4 version (PDF: 12,183KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 12,180KB)

↓We download separately↓

■Cover, table of contents, back cover
A4 version (PDF: 4,871KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 4,879KB)

■Chapter 1: River (summary of river of Yokohama, Ayumi of business, summary according to water system) of Yokohama
A4 version (PDF: 5,180KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 5,149KB)

■Chapter 2: We make rivers of security, relief (the situation, chisuitaisakujikanri, flood control of the inundation damage)
A4 version (PDF: 3,928KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 3,906KB)

■Chapter 3: We make attractive rivers (environmental maintenance, river protection)
A4 version (PDF: 2,405KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 2,401KB)

■Collection of materials: Glossary, chronological table, specifications
A4 version (PDF: 4,222KB)
A3 spread version (PDF: 1,012KB)

[so that you see] We can read in Road and Highway Bureau river Planning Division, citizen's information room, each ward library.
In addition, toward the hope, we distribute in Road and Highway Bureau river Planning Division.
※As number includes limit, we do to a part per person.

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