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Cherry blossoms travelogue of Yokohama

Last update date February 15, 2019

In the four seasons in Japan, they will show us beautiful scenery that is different from "winter" each "in autumn" "in the summer" "in spring". Above all, "cherry blossoms" blooming in spring are one of the representative taste loved by we Japanese of Japan.
In river of Yokohama-shi, we can look at many beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. Bottom of cherry blossoms in full bloom is taken a walk through, and how while hearing the murmuring of river?

Cherry blossoms travelogue title

Cherry blossoms photograph

Collection of photographs according to river

As part of record of rich river environment of cherry blossoms in river of Yokohama-shi take a picture. Please see river to live nearby by all means. (as of ※, please wait for update about river without photograph.)

Each river
The ward nameWater systemRiver nameCollection of photographs (↓ click)
Aoba WardThe Tsurumi River water systemThe Kurosuda RiverThe Kurosuda River title(PDF: 2,784KB)
Aoba WardNara RiverTitle of Nara River(PDF: 1,081KB)
Kanagawa WardToriyama RiverTitle of Toriyama River(PDF: 1,822KB)
Kanagawa WardInlet river water systemInlet RiverTitle of inlet River(PDF: 3,940KB)
Asahi WardThe Sakai River water systemKatabira RiverTitle of Katabira River(PDF: 2,140KB)
Izumi WardIzumi RiverTitle of Izumi River(PDF: 4,848KB)
Seya WardAizawa RiverTitle of Aizawa River(PDF: 5,463KB)
Totsuka WardUdagawaTitle of Udagawa(PDF: 4,664KB)
Totsuka WardThe Kashio RiverTitle of the Kashio River(PDF: 2,561KB)
Totsuka Ward, Konan WardEi Hirato TanikawaEi Hirato Tanikawa(PDF: 5,335KB)
Totsuka WardAkuwa RiverTitle of Akuwa River(PDF: 3,135KB)
Sakae WardWeasel riverTitle of weasel river(PDF: 4,320KB)
Isogo Ward, Konan Ward, Minami Ward, Naka WardLarge Okagawa water systemGreat OkagawaTitle of great Okagawa(PDF: 5,221KB)
Kanazawa WardThe Miya River water systemThe Miya RiverTitle of the Miya River(PDF: 3,459KB)

Yokohama-shi map

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